Monday, January 26, 2009

"Show Some Love" Monday!!!

How  it works:

1.I let you know about a blog that I like, visit that blog,

3.if you like that blog too, let that blogger know by leaving a comment!

Not too Painful. I know you can do it!

The purpose is to increase your blogging network and learn a thing or two! I will be featuring blogs who WANT recognition (by my own interpretation). If your blog is just for your family and friends, I respect that, and will not feature you (and just to be safe, you should probably let me know. I wont be offended - Promise!).

And NOW! Go check out:

InspireMe Crafts

I'm not a particularly crafty individual... but I want to be! These crafts look simple enough and FUN! Something I would actually DO! (And that is saying something!)

Maybe for a Wednesday Challenge, I'll challenge ya'll to find a craft on a blog and make it! Hmm... maybe....


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