Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And I'm back!

Thanks for all your kind words and sweet emails. It really made my day! I'm ready to take on the world again! I guess I just needed a little pity party... some reassurance and encouragement!

Thanks Again!

I was going to save this for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday... oh well. It's too good to save...

IMG00545 IMG00546 IMG00547

He fell asleep watching one of his shows on my computer (he often prefers it over the TV). Cute, huh? It's moments like these that make me smile and hand me a little reality check.

Life is good.

Especially when the kids are sleeping... 

Identity Crisis

It's been an exceptionally difficult weekend. Can't pin-point it. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary has even happened. I just feel weird! Unsettled. Bored. Mentally UNstimulated. My conversations are pretty much extended to my 2 and 1 year old and my blog readers ... (both groups have a special place in my heart)

But That's Bad.

Sure, I have friends. But thanks to Facebook, I know what they're up to and we never even talk anymore! I miss chatting on the phone for hours and having regular human interaction.

How much of this is being a work-from-home mom, and how much is me being anti-social?

And I am just dying for a get-away! DH has been working so hard he's wearing thin - which doesn't help MY situation - and I know he needs a vacation, too. But we just can't right now.

Sorry for the negativity lately...

But I'm in a funk.

I want to do something fun and spontaneous!  Go to the amusement park, or up in the mountains... something! ANYTHING!

So here's the other thing... the thought of doing that makes me tired. I easily talk my way out of it (well, think my way out of it, I don't usually talk to myself, believe it or not!)

I guess my question is, is this a common mommy symptom? Do you ever feel trapped in your home/neighborhood/community? I mean, I FINALLY made it to WalMart today to pick up the contacts I ordered... they came in 3 weeks ago! I'm being lazy, I know.  However, this morning I actually woke up earlier than the boys this morning to use the Gazelle I got at a Yard Sale on Saturday (SO EXCITED!)... that wasn't lazy!

I'm venting now...

When I think about questions like:

What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? If you could have, do or be anything... what would that be?

I don't know!!

And that really bothers me. I'm a mom, I love my kids. I am grateful I can be home with them and raise them. The little things they do make me smile. In that element, I'm fine. Is that who I am? But when it comes to doing things that 5 years ago, before I had children or was married, I LOVED and KNEW and THRIVED on...

Goals. Aspirations. Motivation. It's still there, just sleeping. And I can't seem to wake 'em up.

And that's kind of depressing.

Hobbies are good. I have a few. I enjoy them. But they aren't enough.

I'm hoping/praying my most recent opportunity will be the one I've needed to find me again! To be ALICIA. Not just "Mom" and "Hun"... (which, I love, but I hope you know what I mean).

I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful brat...

But what happened to ME? MY Identity as an inidividual? As a woman? Friends are so important! I need to be in touch and send real-life hand-written cards again! (I used to be so good at that!). I need to make REAL LIFE phone calls and TALK. I need to reconnect.

I love you, internet, but you've made it WAY to EASY to be connected! I don't even have to say "HI" anymore to know what's going on in the lives of friends and family! And they don't have to say HI anymore to know how my kids are doing! And TEXTING! I used to hate it when someone would text instead of call. Now I am so GUILTY. I'm such a hypocrite! Am I afraid to talk? No, I don't think so... it's just EASIER (especially when it's someone you haven't talked to in a long while... like pretty much everyone...)!

If I call you, or you get a little "hello" from me, don't freak out. I think it's time we all start reconnecting in real life.

Wow. That was a tangent.

It's late. I'm going to sleep!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Learn about yourself...

My husband and I have done this periodically since we were married, and have always been impressed. It has helped us understand each other a little better...


Take it for what it's worth. If you're willing to hear things about yourself, you may learn a thing or two!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My "headers" are finalists...

So go over to MOMDOT and vote for them! Please.  #1 or #6.  (Personally I like #1 mo' bettah)banner1


Mucho Mahalos!

(I wasn't going to blog it, but April did so I am... *stick out tongue* haha... might as well!)

What NOT to do...

Have you ever taken your kid(s) to a late night movie at a theater because you didn't want to go through the hassle of getting a babysitter, thinking that they would "just sleep through it" and they DON'T?!

Wish I could have seen that one coming!

Now we know, right? Now we know that babysitters are a key to my sanity. Now we know that no matter how well I think I know my boys, they are just full of surprises. Now I know that if I want to spend any quality time with my husband, it's not gonna happen with the boys around (at least not at this point of our lives). Now I know that it's truly, truly embarrassing to deal with fussy kids in a room where ZERO talking is expected, and how embarrassing it is to have to walkout, across and in front of people, to exit said room. Maybe having Monkey kick someone's head on the way out.

Needlesstosay. No quality time was achieved.

What. So. Ever.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rough Day

Today was rough. Just a good old fashion - BAD DAY. The boys weren't exceptionally naughty, and DH didn't really do anything to deserve my attitude towards him.

I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Now that we even have a bed.

But I don't think that's it. I just needed a "down day"... and I don't get those. So I took one without asking. But it didn't sit well. I didn't even get out of my PJs until after 5pm. But I did get a nap in. Haven't had one of those in a while. But I just felt so BLAH today. I didn't even want to blog. I didn't want to do the things I should do, so I got by with the bare minimum and kept my home in order, for my own sake. If my house was a wreck that would have increased my anxiety level - um... a lot.

So, I may not blog this weekend. Just letting you know now.

I need to find balance in my life.

And blogging has been tipping the scale.

And I do it for free.

So, love you guys. Be back when I have something to say that will enrich you lives... because you deserve that.

Sorry for the negativity, but I wanted to keep ya'll in the loop-dee-loop.

Enjoy your weekend!

Alicia's JULY Photo Challenge: Post Editing

Imma Momma

Welcome to another photo challenge! To read about Alicia's Photo Challenge go HERE.

You guys have been doing great! It's been a lot of fun. But I bear unhappy tidings. I'm going to start doing these challenges MONTHLY. It takes a little too much work for me to do them weekly. Mostly mentally because I'm constantly thinking about it when I should be doing other things...

SO. This challenge will be for JULY. We'll link up at the end of July. That will give you plenty of time to actually PRACTICE.



Today I'll tell you a few of my post-editing secrets. I really try to get as close to my wanted results with my camera, but most of my pictures are freshened up just a bit in Post editing.

And guess what? (This is the secret)

I. Don't. Use. Photoshop.

Nope! I have two programs I use, and between the two they do everything I could want. And guess what else? (another secret)

They. Are. Free!

Yah. Free downloads.

You want them, don't you?

ALLLRIGHT... I'll share them with you! :) Mostly, I use Photoscape. I increase the contrast a tinsy bit, brighten them up and add a little vignetting. Then if I need to soften/smooth the skin tones... I use GIMP. GIMP is like the free Photoshop. You'll love 'em. EDIT3

There are things you can do with your post-editing that your camera may not be capable of. You can play with effects that add time and emotion to your photo. It's a lot of fun.

You can brighten up the colors. Change a photo to black and white, or sepia. You can add borders. You can heal blemishes. You're imagination is your limit (usually). edit7

So July's challenge is: to get familiar with your Post-Editing program, and try some different effects and filters. Learn how to crop your photo. Learn how to increase the contrast and balance it with brightness. Then, on July 30th (Thursday), choose you're favorite (or favoriteS) to post, and we'll link up! I recommend sharing the original and final product. (You can post your photo anytime during the month, and then just add THAT link.)

Don't forget to take a button and put it on your post (Thanks!). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them!

Now, go have fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I won't relate my whole sob story of how I have NEVER WON ANYTHING... because Megan at Remarks from Sparks is my favorite, most giving (she just might gag that I said that), provocative blogger out there! If you don't read her blog, you're missing out. (Unless you're easily offended and have no sense of humor, then skip it. I won't be responsible for your blood pressure...)

Anyhow this morning I was getting my daily dose of Megan, and saw THIS:

That's ME! ME! I WON the iPHONE! Yessiree, I did! I already called DH at work and now I have to tell YOU GUYS, because I. Am. STOKED! (Stoked is, like, beyond excited!)

Thank you, Megan!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My current playlist...

Incase you were wondering about what music I like... (you probably weren't :p)... here it is. This version of "Bellas Lullaby" is incredibly soothing and inspiring. Between Bellas Lullaby and Infinite Ocean... I keep this on a loop. What's on your playlist?

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Momma and her boys...

page page2

I couldn't help but post these! It's been a while since I've had any pictures taken with my boys... and these were just so fun! See Monkey's scowl? I don't know where that came from but it's cute anyway. Turtle didn't really know what was going on, but was a good sport! You can click on them, but they don't get that much bigger...

I Love being a Momma!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Red Kitchen - Cookie Dough Pie

This week I discovered Big Red Kitchen... and can I just say that this looks divine?! I'm going to make it this week. I'm so excited. You bloggin' ladies are some sorta amazing! Go HERE for the direct link to this delectable looking (and I'm sure tasting as well!) Cookie Dough Pie...

Preparing for July...

I'm turning 25 on July 7. In honor of... me... (and you!) I'm going to have 7 giveaways in July (one each day until the 7th). If anyone is interested in sponsoring a giveaway, contact me and lets's rock it! It can be as simple or as valuable as you choose. I'm not discriminating. If we get more than 7 then we'll giveaway more than 7... that would be too awesome!

And if anyone wants to send me something for my birthday, I'm really okay with that.

ALSO if your birthday is in July let me know... I'm thinking of something to love on fellow Julyians (haha... totally made that up - JUST NOW...)

I've got these darling hand-crafted-with-lots-of-love-and-patience-cards-made-by-me I'm going to throw in the mix... and probably a photo shoot... so check it out. I'll find some other stuff I think you'll love, too.

Alrighty... gatta get back to my REAL LIFE...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!


Happy Father's Day!

I spent the last week working on this for my dad...


How CUTE, huh? Got the idea... from... holy stinker... I can't even remember. I saw the same idea on, like 3 different blogs (all referring to the same site... I'll find it and share it because they deserve the credit! 

Anyway, I tried to do a "DAD" one... but they D's we NOT working out...

8june 0168june 013 13june 070 13june 074 13june 07213june 071 ... and I needed TWO! 

So alas, DH doesn't get one this year. He'll understand.

So I turned THAT in this:

fathers day 3

I think he'll love it.

I'll report on DH's receiving end later... :)

*HERE's the Direct link (it was featured on TipJunkie).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small Talk Six - Daddy Deserves...

smalltalksix3001Join in that Saturday blogging fun over at momdot.com! Today's Small Talk Six topic is:

6 things you think the father of your children deserve to have 

Funny how DH has been the "theme" of my blog this week... and incase you haven't heard enough about him this week... we're going to top it off with a Father's Day post tomorrow! Well, it is my blog after all!

21apr 128-3

6 things he deserves...

1. Unconditional Love...

2. A job he looks forward to going to each day...

3. Financial Freedom

4. A recording studio.... (you should hear this man sing!)

5. An XBox 360...?!

6. All expense paid trip to Europe including tickets to some Premiere League games...

How about your man?

Friday, June 19, 2009


You know those dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night, and you just feel overwhelmed - and cry, right there in the dark? But my morning, you can't recall the emotions though vague details of the nightmare linger. Replaying what you do remember in your mind, just doesn't evoke the emotions that brought you to tears - it doesn't feel real anymore...

You know what I'm talking about?

That happened to me last night. It was a terrible, terrible dream. About my children. It broke my heart. But now that I'm awake and think about the nightmare, it seems unrealistic. Yet last night - it was so real.

I hate that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge #3: Rule of Thirds


Welcome to another photo challenge! To read about Alicia's Photo Challenge go HERE.

It's been a looong day today, and I'm really exhausted right now... you know when you're mind is a little... err... tired?! That's me right now. The reason I'm mentioning this is because this weeks challenge is a really simple, and I'm trying to get into it and teach you all I know... but I can't think very deeply right now! haha... so don't mind my generic captions on the pictures and what not! (I'm sure ya'll wont mind anyhow, you're all so great like that, but I know what I expect from myself... and well, I am my own worst critic.) Now that I got that off my chest... moving on...

offcenter4Have you heard of "the rule of  thirds"? Well, "traditionally" when taking portraits, you would imagine your photo being split into thirds, horizontally and vertically... the eyes of your subject would be 2/3 ways up the photo... and centered. While there really isn't anything particularly wrong with this... and as darling as your subject is... it can get boring. Let's try something different...


Feel free to throw your subject far to the left or right, or halves... you'll only figure out what you like if you try it. Remember that with photography, there is no right or wrong. It is how you see offcenter3something. The beauty of photography is the diversity!

So this week's challenge is simple.  Play around with centering and off-centering your subject.  See what you like best! But try it all! Don't forget to watch for distracting shadows on the face (particularly the eyes). Then come back next Thursday and link up to share your favorite(s)!

Don't forget to take a button and put it on your post (Thanks!). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them!

Now, go have fun!

Alicia's "Get in There" Photo Challenge: SHARE!

Hello! Hope you all are ready to share your favorite photo from last week's challenge! To learn more about Alicia's Photo Challenge, go HERE! Thanks!

Last weeks challenge was: Practice taking pictures capturing details and getting up close to your subject. Practice getting up close to eliminate distracting backgrounds. Don't forget to watch for unwanted shadows and continue practicing in different light. Here's mine:

13june 055

I admit, I was a bit of a slacker this week taking photos. But I did get this one. This little guy is slowly but surely thinning out. I particularly want to capture his cheeks! He was such a chunky monkey (still is a big boy!), but ever since he's began crawling - and now walking - he's getting thinner! I want to be able to one day show him pictures of himself at this stage of life... so here it is!

If you haven't already posted yours - do it now! (If you have questions, contact me) And then come here and add the link (directly to your post) on Mr. Linky! Then go visit each other and see all the possibilities (and don't forget to leave a little comment love!) Then (you're not done yet!) - Come back tomorrow for the next challenge!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words... {tagged!}

Lins at Goodbye, Martha tagged me! (What's up with that silly giddy feeling of being tagged?! Anyhow, I love it!) It's an easy one... the instructions are as follows:

  • Open my first photo folder
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo
  • Post that photo and story on my blog
  • Tag five friends to do the same

Here goes nothing... Pictures... the first album... alrighty... 10th pictures... haha... just can't get enough of him, I guess!

Here you have it (this is an album of scanned-in pictures):CAM 002

This is Mr. Man, my sweetheart when he was probably around 1 year old! Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!?!




I tag...




Night Owl Mama.


And since we're in this album... here are a few of my personal faves, just for the fun of it...


Me. In a wig. I LOVE this wig. I should have bought it! Alas, every year when Halloween comes around - I look for one like it! This picture was taken almost 5 years ago! This was when DH and I were engaged and he had just left me on Kauai... we would be separated for 4 months before finally getting married! His sisters and I headed off to KMart to find a little fun... we found it!


This was taken at Borders Books and Music just after our KMart rendezvous. Obviously, my hair is not really that red, but it can get pretty curly! Why we even took these pictures - I don't know!


CHECK THAT ONE OUT! Yah, that's really me. And this was taken with film and has had ZERO photoshopping... a little fun with the circle thing though...  I don't even remember looking like this. But sheesh! I was tan and the thinnest I'll ever be. I took this one for DH when we were apart before getting married... I guess I had to keep reminding him that he should marry me! (I loved that watch... I don't even remember what happened to it! Hate that.)

ANYWAY!! Talk about a little step back into time! I don't know how the subject went from DH to me...haha... wait... yah I do.

Back to HIM: Here's a good one... this wwas taken before I met him...  (and they're in this same "album" aka "folder".)


He's on the right. Dang. I don't even know what the story is behind the picture... but I don't care. I'm just glad someone snapped a photo!

*Uuuhhhh... can you tell he's pretty much my life?! The idea of being in love is almost as fun as actually finding someone to be in love with. Are you gagging yet? Sorry, blame it on Twilight. It always re-sparks my flame...


Tomorrow is the day to post your favorite picture (or plural!) from last week's Photo Challenge! it's never too late to join in!

Did I tell ya'll that my birthday is July 7th?! No? I didn't?! I mean... I just did..! Yep! 7-7. It's a very lucky birthday to have... if you're Japanese. I'm not. But my kids are... in their big toe. But none of their birthdays are 7-7... so... luck wasted, I guess. Speaking of  my sister, Princess, her birthday is 8-8-88. True story! I'm sure she'd like to be cashing in some Asian Luck right about now... :)

So... it seems to be the cool thing to do a birthday giveaway (and I so need to be E-Cool) PLUS I have some fun stuff that I just want to give to some awesome commenter! But my rules will be a little different. So... um... just comment on everything... everyday... haha...  and follow me on Twitter (@MySweetNothings)...

Since it's not even July yet, and I have a few more things I want to throw in the giveaway mix... just um... yah... I'm going to leave you hanging and when I figure out all the details I'll share 'em!

Anyway, come back tomorrow to share your photos! That's really all I meant to tell ya!

Have a Great Day!

Make Believe.

Poor Tigger is doubling as a cake...and is being cooked in a old (clean) yogurt container as I type. Sucks to be him.

Peace and Quiet - Wordless Wednesday.

13june 008-1

It gets even better when he stays asleep after I've brought him in and laid him down..!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My escape from reality... :)

In the book I was torn... but if it comes down to Rob or Taylor... it's no question I'm on Team Jacob! Cast your vote at people.com.

TWILIGHT'S TWOSOME photo | Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner



Brandon Mull's FableHaven. Have you read it? If you're a fan of Harry Potter, you'll probably enjoy it! I love the relationship between siblings, Kendra and Seth! The funny thing is I relate to Kendra... and if you know me, you know I wish I could talk to Faeries!! Seth is a typical trouble-maker who has to learn how to make responsible decisions. Their adventures are (literally) Out of This World! It's a very good read... but don't be fooled, "FableHaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary" is not the last book! I totally thought it was going to be, but when I got towards the end realized there was no way it was going to have all the closure I needed... Thanks, Brandon Mull! Totally threw me for a loop there! I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to book 5... but I am so anxious! I don't like waiting for the next book!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - Confessions.


It's that time again! Join up at All That is Good! What kind of friends would we be if we didn't confide our deepest darkest secrets with each other? Umm... not... good friends... haha...

So today's task is Confessions! Spill your guts! I really don't have any deep, dark secrets... but there are things I do that I would probably never mention otherwise... So just incase you think I'm perfect {Insert laugh HERE}... Here goes nothing!

1. I let both of my boys sleep in my bed. Every. Night.

2. I let Disney Pixar babysit my kids when I want to do nothing... or anything!

3. I don't put away DH's laundry. He's a big boy - he can do it himself. If he doesn't put it away, it ends up in a HUGE pile. I don't even care.

4. I only cook dinner a couple of times a week. The rest of the week it's leftovers, saimin or something out of a can.

5. My boys never go to sleep before 9pm.

6. I bite my nails.

7. When I read the Twilight series I ignored my kids and husband a lot. (Which is why I can't bring myself to read it again right now - as badly as I want to!).

8. I don't take out the trash.

9. I like to lick the butter off the inside of hot popcorn bags. (This is pretty much as deep and dark as they get!)

10. Sometimes I'll go a whole week without washing my hair.

11. I am really bad at returning  phone calls.

Alrighty... I think that's good enough! Haha... Oh Boy! We're THAT much closer now...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been pretty emotional lately... and I'm especially grateful for my sweet husband. I felt like sharing this...


If you really knew me, you would know why I need him.

When we met, he didn't hold back or play games with me -he let me know he was interested.

When I didn't return the feelings, he didn't give up. He waited.

When I categorized him as being like every other guy - he didn't argue with me. He proved me wrong.

When I dated other guys, he was my friend.

When a boy made me cry - he listened.

When a friend died - he was there for me.

When I wanted to know what he was feeling - he told me.

When I missed him - he came.

When I was insecure - he reassured me.

When I felt crazy - he held me.

When I was done with other boys - he came for me.

When we lived states apart, we talked every night and he drove 12 hours to visit me... often.

When I needed a hug - he hugged me.

When I needed to talk - he talked with me.

When I told him I loved him - he said, "I love you too".

When I was ready to give up - he wouldn't let me.

When I called off our wedding - he still married me.

When I wanted forever - he married me in the Temple.

The only time I yelled at him - he didn't yell back.

When I needed him to do better - he did.

When I decided to become a professional photographer - he bought my camera.

When I felt alone and sad - he showed me he loved me.

When we had to be apart - he trusted me.

When my brother died - he was my rock.

When I was pregnant  - he took care of me.

When I wanted taco bell - he got it for me.

When I had our children - he was there, holding my hand.

When I wanted to start a business - he sold his dirt bike.

When I missed my family - he bought my ticket.

When I make mistakes - he forgives me.

When I need a break - he watches the boys.

When I get sick - he takes care of me.

When I cry - he kisses my tears.

When I want him by my side - he comes with me.

When I need him - he's there for me.

While I grow - he is patient with me.

He doesn't try to change me to fit him, we grow together to fit each other.

Through all we've been through - he hasn't given up on me.

This is the man of my dreams. He didn't have to be rich. He didn't have to be perfect. The man of my dreams would sweep me off my feet and return all the love I had been waiting to give.

Yes, I'm a very lucky girl.

Time and All Eternity...

I get to be with these sweet, handsome boys forever! I don't even need to be an immortal vampire to be with my sweetheart forever! This is the best knowledge I have attained in this life.

13june 050-2 13june 018-1 13june 023-2 13june 033-1

He's the best daddy and a pretty freaking awesome husband and best friend. He's the strong silent type, and thinks he looks better in pictures if he doesn't smile. But what you don't know if that he has the most perfect smile I have even seen. And he's never even had braces. I'm gonna see if he'll do a guest post because I think you would enjoy it. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going Vegetarian

Yes, you read it right! Our family is going vegetarian. Mostly. Not hard core, just at home at the very least. If I go out to a restaurant, you best believe I am ordering me a steak. But we will eat meat sparingly, except fish, we can't give it up.

The reason we're doing this is for DH. Everything he eats makes him sick. Well, just about everything. There is a notion that because his blood is type A, he shouldn't eat meat... makes him sick! Other things that make him sick are fried things, eggs, sugar, red sauce, some dairies, just about anything processed... you know,  all the yummy stuff!

So we're going to try it. All vegetarian meals  for the next few weeks for starts. We'll see how much strain this puts on me, and if there are any improvements in DH's tortured tummy.

We made a list of stuff he CAN eat, and it's not as bad as I thought. In fact, it a pretty darn delicious-looking list. And healthy! Which is always a good thing.

I suppose I'll keep ya'll updated on our latest adventure!

I'm excited!

Overdraft fees

I am so sick to my stomach right now. This is way personal, but here it goes...
I just check my account online and found out where my money that I thought I had was going... OVERDRAFT FEES! I'm obviously not the best at balancing my checkbook but generally I know how much is in there... but I didn't realize that DH's .98 cent soda would add up to $20.98 with over draft fees! There are TWELVE overdraft charges. That's $120 WASTED.

I'm so sick right now...

...and I am NOT going garage sale-ing today.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge #2: Get In There!


Read all about Alicia's Photo Challenge, HERE!

What is the subject of your picture? Your kid? Your dog? Your upclose1 craft? Your toes? Whatever it is, lets make that the focus of your picture... not the guy picking his nose in the left side background.

Get up close and personal! Don't be afraid to cut off a little hair on top. Don't feel obligated to capture the whole umbrella. Capture the details of your child's smile, his eyes, his fat little fingers - the details you love about him (or  her, of course!).

But don't cut off the chin!



By getting up close, you also eliminate distracting backgrounds (and by distracting, I mean anything that isn't solid, pretty or... um... distracting...) The focus will be where you intend it to be!

Pretty simple, huh? It might take a little bit to get used to cutting out the excess - but you will love it!


The Challenge: Practice taking pictures capturing details and getting up close to your subject. Practice getting up close to eliminate distracting backgrounds. Don't forget to watch for unwanted shadows and continue practicing in different light.  Mr. Linky will be up for you to share your favorite on Thursday, June 18th!

Don't forget to take a button and put it on your post (Thanks!). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them!

Now, go have fun!