Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Sweetness...

30may 021-1

This is my niece. Isn't she a doll? As you can see, she's ready to rock this summer! 

As a Mormon...

There is so much controversy right now about California's Proposition 8.  A lot of talk about "The Mormons".  I am not a California resident, so I didn't vote. But, I am a Mormon, so I have some things on my mind... :) May I take a moment to share my thoughts with you?

I believe that Marriage is a divine institution between a Man and a Woman.

I believe that Marriage between a Man and a Woman is ordained of God.

I believe that there should be no sexual relationships outside the bonds of Marriage.

That being said...

I do not hate homosexuals. In fact, I have a sister-in-law who is a lesbian. I do not hate her for this. I don't hate her partner. However, I am raising my children the way I believe, and seeing their aunt with her girlfriend confuses. So we have set guidelines for our home, which she has been wonderful to respect. I'm not trying to "brainwash" my children. I am raising them the best way I know how. When they are older, like all things, they will choose for themselves how they feel.

I'm not here to tell people who have same-sex tendencies to stop.

As Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), we do not hate "gays". In fact, we are encouraged by our leaders to love them, particularly when they are members of our families. Insulting, "hating", or any act of unkindness is not  an attribute of a practicing Latter-Day Saint.

While defending our constitutional right to vote as we feel, it is important to us to defend Marriage as a union between a man and a woman. It's not personal. It goes deeper than being "narrow minded. "

The purpose of Marriage is to create a family with a  father and a mother. When a family lacks one or the other, it is incomplete. Our society already hold little value to marriage covenants... which is apparent by the number of divorces. It's heart breaking to see, first hand, the effect of divorces on children. It's not fair to anyone.  Children need a Mother and a Father.

The sacredness of Marriage is being attacked from all angles.

My understanding (and I may be wrong) is that Same-Sex couples want the same rights and privileges that only married couples get. Which is totally understandable. If you're with someone and share your lives and income, you should be able to have the same benefits of a "married" household. I say give it to them! I say if you have found the one you will be with for the rest of this life, whether same sex or not and you want to enjoy the benefits of filing joint taxes - you should be able to!

Just call it something else. A union of sorts - but not Marriage.

For everything I hold dear in my marriage and the blessings that come from this Divine Union, can only be attained when you include God. - Which is religious. Marriage is Religious. So if you don't want to "be religious" about it - Don't call it Marriage.

*stepping down from my soap box*...

With all the love in my heart, I hope you do find someone who makes you a better person and encourages you to be your very best self.

Comments, welcome. I will respond to them as best I can. But any hateful, contentious ones will not be responded to.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Small Talk Six - Makes Me Sick!

Join in on the Small Talk Six fun over at! Read the rules, read others answers and link up HERE.
Now, onto the good stuff.
Today's Question is: 6 things that make you sick, but you eat them anyways.

Here it is. I really try not to eat things that make me sick. But if I make an exception... it will be for these...
Oreos.jpg Oreos image by catastrophe218

1. Oreos dipped in Milk.

friedpickles.jpg fried pickles image by Meggrnut

2. Fried Pickles. (Don't hate 'em 'till you try 'em.)

3. A Sausage Egg McMuffin.

4. Friend Fries. Something about salty potatos that keep me coming back for more...

5. Donuts.


How about you?

Insight into my movie lovin' soul..

Thanks, Calley! When I read yours, my own answers were floating around in my mind - I knew I just had to share! Here's a little insight into my movie lovin' (and not-so-lovin') soul!

Cheesiest Movie you'll actually admit to liking?
One word comes to my mind: Newsies. Christian Bale at his finest - before he dressed up like a bat, or conquered robots. He was Jackie Boy. And for that role, he will always hold a special place in my heart...

Movie everyone else loves that you don't?
It is very possible that by revealing this answer I may lose friends, possibly followers and forever suffer the consequences. But it is what it is. This movie tortures me. There's nothing like a grown man eating spaghetti with syrup to remind me that I have better things to do...

Oh yah. And this one. And I'm not even going to apologize for it.

Movie you've seen recently that you would NOT recommend?
Babylon A.D. Sorry, Vin. I don't hold it against you. But this movie was a waste of money.

Movie you own that no one else has heard of?
LadyHawke. It's a fave from DH's childhood... and it's not too bad.

Movie you could watch over and over and over again?

EverAfter. It's the hopeless romantic in me, I suppose... or the message of endurance. Or the old country feeling and the Irish-inspried soundtrack. I just love it.

Favorite Christmas Movie?
Thinking about this question, I can't think of a favorite. Sad, huh? We already established I am anti-Will Ferrell in Green tights. I do, however love the old claymation-style animations. Particularly, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

All-Time, Best Movie Ever Made...

The Lord of Rings Trilogy. 'Nuff Said. A close 2nd is Willow.
So there you have it, folks! I would love to know what your answers are! If you feel so inclined to share, please leave your answers or a link to your post in the comments! Have a great Day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming Soon: GREAT THINGS!

Our moving adventures will be coming to an abrupt end. We will be moving into our new place - and plan to stay there until we have too many children to fit. (trust me - that won't be for a while!). So that means I will finally set up my desktop, which means digital designing (I don't have the programs I need on my laptop), which means more digital goodies for you! Are ya excited?!

Also! (I've been very, very  anxious to share this!) I will be starting a photo taking MEME. I will give a little schpiel on one aspect of picture taking - and ya'll can practice it through the week and then share what you've created by linking up here! It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN. I'm super excited. But I can't bring myself to start it until I create a cute button for it! (I know, it's a little obsessive, but you still love me!).  I'm shooting for the first lesson sometime next week... I haven't decided which day would be best. Mondays are Friend Makin' Mondays, we've got Wordless Wednesdays... How about the Lesson on Friday - Share on the following Thursday? That;ll give ya a week to practice! Anyone object? If not, that's what I'll do.

So make sure you check in next Friday for  your first lesson! These will be very basic techniques for taking better pictures with  any camera!  I think you'll enjoy yourselves!  Summer is pretty much here, and you're going to have so many photo ops, it will make taking pictures so much more fun with a few new techniques!

Anyway! I've got boxes to pack - I'll catch ya on the flip side, yo!

Still So Grateful

Sweet Nothings


  • Our families who have helped us out so much.
  • The Mountains. I love 'em.
  • The warm weather. 
  • Stephenie Meyer & Brandon Mull.
  • Opportunities.
  • Hugs & Kisses from my boys.
  • Sales. It's the only time I really buy stuff for moi.
  • Beautiful Flowers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Heart's a-Flutter

mmmmhhmmm.... {Enter: Jacob!}

The Power of Blogging


This sweet little boy, Ezra has Leukemia. His family just recently found out, and as you can imagine it has rocked their world. To learn more about Ezra and his family, visit Manic Mother.

Fortunately, the blogging community can do amazing things! There are so many ways you can make a difference! You can donate (even a dollar from each person quickly adds up!), you can buy ad space on Manic Mother, you can buy a bracelet to support Ezra, or you can spread the word on your blog, Facebook or Twitter! You can link up at MomDot and see what others are doing to make a difference in the lives of Ezra and his Family!

It. Is. Incredible! :)

We both know you want to do something good. So do it.

It's more than the product...

I'm seriously considering becoming a consultant for Mary Kay. Not because I'm impressed with the products (I Am!), or want a discount (though, I'm not gonna lie - is great!) or even because I think I'll make a ton of money (though, eventually I will! *positive thinking*)...

I have been very impressed with the Women I have met in the company. I have been impressed with how Mary Kay has affected my cousins life, and improved her self worth and over all helped her become a better person. Don't misunderstand me, my cousin is a good woman, a sweetheart and one of my best friends! It's just incredible to me to see how she has become part of a company that encourage and support her! Not only as a consultant, but as a mother, wife and as a woman!

The women I have met are genuine examples of "girl power" without the "men-hating". They smile on others' success! They praise women for their accomplishments! It's such an obvious contrast to the way women generally interact in the world... fighting for the recognition,  sacrificing their families, abandoning their sweethearts, lacking integrity!

This is something I want to be a part of. If I never make a dime, it would be worth it to be around these women! The few interactions I've had with this particular unit, I have really truly left wanting to be a better woman for my family and myself and I left feeling like I could! I get anxious about all the wonderful things I could learn from these women!

Tell me that isn't something special?!

And to take it one step further - I want to share that! I want to find the women out there who need a little extra love and support! (Don't we all?!) I want to see friends succeed! Not only financially, but especially emotionally and mentally!

Anyway, I just wanted to think "out loud".

Yep! I think this is right up my alley!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, to my Momma!

Today is my momma's birthday! I wish she weren't hundreds of miles away!


Happy Birthday! I Love You!

Good Morning, World! (Wordless Wednesday)


Not only is Monkey's bed head out-of-this-world... but you may also notice Turtle watching Monsters Inc... that kid gets GLUED. It's halarious! :) 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seeing Spots.

And I'm not talking about cheetahs. Does anyone else see spots before they get hit by the Migraine Train?!

A little history: I used to get full-blown migraines all the time when I was young. Then, I had one when I was 12 (after an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet where I ate about 20 pieces of bacon. I'm blaming the pork). Since then, I  have not had more than 3 pieces of bacon - and guess what? They stopped! For almost ten years I was Migraine-free! I didn't have another one until I was pregnant with Monkey at age 21! (No pork, no over exhaustion... I still have no clue what triggered it. )

Let me just give you a typical rundown/timeline of how my migraines roll...

First, I start seeing "spots"... or missing spots in my sight. Can't focus. It's pretty kooky.

Next, the pain starts setting in. If I can pop some Excedrin as soon as I see the spots, sometimes it's not as bad.

Then, (I'm laying down in a dark room by now) half of my body (face included) goes numb.

4th, Usually after the numbness passes, my brain feels "muddled". I can't concentrate and nothing makes sense. I can't even put together simple sentences in my mind. If I try to speak, by speech is slow and sloppy. It's really, really really weird.

Usually, I can't keep anything down. I don't know if this is because of the pain, but when I take 2 migraine excedrin right away, and lay down in a dark, quiet room immediately after seeing the spots, the pain is much less, and I don't throw up at all. But if I don't do all the right away, (like when I was in school, or out and about) the pain is almost intolerable. I'd rather give birth (preferably with an epidural, please) than go through that pain. And when I was pregnant, I couldn't even take anything "good". I had to go into the insta care and get a special anti-nausea shot! I mean, its. bad.

I am out for the count... between 4-9 hours when they hit. And then, when I can finally function again, I am weak (shaky) and just exhausted! Mostly, I can do everything I need/want to, but I just have very little energy.

The reason, I'm even thinking about this is because in the last 6 months I've had 4!  No pork. No over exhaustion. Stress, maybe? Pinched nerve... maybe? I can't figure out what'd triggering them. It's totally random. Nothing I have eaten is the same, none of my days activities are the same (or similar), the time of day they hit varies, too! 

I'm hoping someone out there (I'm just sending this out into the cosmos!) can assist me in my quest (*grin. I feel like a maiden undertaking some adventurous voyage... teehee) to identifying the problem. Or perhaps, someone reading this knows what I'm going through, and we can figure this thing out together. I'm not so much looking for ways to suppress the pain or "endure" them... I want to figure out how to prevent them. So any and all input is very, very welcome!

(I'll keep ya'll updated when/if I ever have another one.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Organize your Life

It's really, really Spring now! Like, really. No more snow... at least not until... October, maybe? Which means Spring Cleaning! Lucky for me (?) I don't really have a place of my own to clean (at least not until we get settled next month! Woo-Hoo! But that's another post...). However! I am helping my auntie dejunk/spring clean her home, which has totally gotten me into "Clean and Organize" mode!

I think it's funny that my house is hardly clean or organized, but I love cleaning and organizing other people's homes. Anyone else like that?

Anywho, I've been keeping an eye out for organizing tips to pass along to my auntie! I tell ya, there are some pretty incredible women out there! Check these blogs out...

Home Organization

I'm An Organizing Junkie: First off, I love the look of her blog! Not only does she have tips for organizing stuff, she has meal planning, and chore charts!

Just Organize Yourself

Just Organize Yourself: Again, darling blog (yah, I'm a sucker for cute cartoons!). Her First Steps are so practical and helpful. But, what I especially love is her concept of your own MomSpace! Brilliant!

365-day organizer

365 Day Organizer: Tips, tips. tips! This blog is a branch off of Organization Made Simple, which offers classes and workshops as well as organizing services! If you're into organizing, you will enjoy this!

Hopefully you've caught the Clean Bug! Now... go clean/organize something!

Friend Makin' Monday...


Today's question for "Friend Makin' Monday" from Kasey at All That is Good, is:

How did you and your significant other meet? and if you don't have a significant other at the moment then what would be your dream way to meet him?

This could be very long... I mean, very very long. But since I have three posts today... I'll try to keep it simple. :)

I met Mr.Man when he came home from his Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was home for a break from college (BYUH) and he was visiting his family (who had moved into my hometown). Our families were already "friends" he's #2 of 9, and I'm #1 of 6... our sisters are BFFs and our brothers are buddies, our moms are homemakers... you know, "friends".

Since I was already friends with his sister (who had been secretly sending him pictures of me at the end of his mish! I had NO IDEA until we were together), of course I was excited to meet their brother because they were all, like, so cool. I was not "interested" like that. I did in fact, have a BF at the time...

So, Mr.Man comes walking in the door like he's some cocky 17year old. And I'll tell you what ... TROU-BLE!

Since I hadn't met him before, I politely introduced myself "Hey Mr.Man, you don't know me - I'm Alicia." He looks at me (think cocky 17year old) and tells me "Oh, I know you." BLAH! Give me a break! Anyway, he was visiting for 2 weeks and he pretty much spent every second he could with me (I was nice about it, I mean he's a cool guy...) I really didn't mind being so admired, but everyone else around seemed to be PER-I-TY irritated about it.

That's How We Met. The rest of the story goes something like this...

I knew things weren't going long-time with the current BF, (apparently so did Mr. Man), so that wasn't messy or anything. Mr Man and I both moved to Utah for various reasons where we dated other people and kept in touch... when we were both "done" dating around and were best friends by now... everything happened naturally and we have been inseparable since. (Well, minus the 5 months long-distance when he lived in Las Vegas when we were dating, and then the 5 more months long-distance when were engaged... I was in Hawaii he was in Utah)... basically, he stole my heart and I was happy for him to keep it.

That's it in a nut shell.

I left out the parts where we pushed back the wedding, then called off our engagement, then got engaged again, then moved our wedding from Hawaii to Utah... We were "together" for a year and half, engaged for 9 months of that time. It was the craziest, most emotional, most maddening time of my life. But it was definitely the most rewarding learning experience thus far. Some may say it wasn't a good start to our marriage. It wasn't. But it was the best real-life boot camp for marriage we could have gone through.

Sheesh. Just thinking about it gets me flustered.

And I will love that man into the eternities!

Don't Forget...

Amidst your sale shopping today...

Don't forget those who gave their lives for our Freedom. :)

...Today (and always!) I'm remembering my "little" brother, Ryan. Miss him much.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day of Rest.

Is it? Most weeks, yes. I particularly enjoy Sundays that we go somewhere else for dinner! Not only is the food delicious - but I don't have to worry about what I'm going to make my family for dinner! Now that is a day of rest!

Today, we're going to our new ward.  We're moving again on the 1st, so we figured we might as well get a jump-start on the unsuspecting ward members there. :) As strange as it may sound, I look forward to meeting the women in my ward! I look forward to meeting new, possibly life-long, friends! You just never know!

In the last ward we were in, I made it a point to meet someone new each week.   I'm glad I took the chance to meet those neat women! We still  keep in touch, (mostly through Facebook)! Such quality women in this world!

If you meet someone new, you wont regret it! Whether you're in church, school, work or just out for a evening of fun! You never know when you might meet a future BFF!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Did you Flip Your Flops?

It. Was. CRAZY!

There were only browns and black left - I scored 4 pair for me, 4 for DH and 2 for Monkey.

But, It. Was. Crazy.

Worth it.

But Crazy!

Small Talk Six - Ocean Episode

smalltalksix3001Today’s topic is “6 things you love or hate about the ocean.”

This is very special to me because I grew up near, around and definitely had my fair share of learning experiences in the ocean. Here are my answers:

1. I love the way the ocean pulls along my body when I dive through the waves.

a-frame study by Mor.gan

2. I love the sound of of waves crashing on the sand. Even better, I love waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the sand.

girl and pup sleeping on beach by ZigZagLens

3. Views Like This:

4. Playing with my kids!

5. Feeling the sand between my toes.

6. Watching guys surf.

For More "Small Talk Six", visit!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Webb Family, (Utah Family Portraits)

This is just a glimpse of the photo shoot Carli won in my Giveaway back in March! Thankfully, the weather cooperated! Carli has such a darling little family and is expecting a boy in October! Visit Carli at Kennaboutique!  I will soon post more photos from today on my photoblog.  Thanks, Carli!

09may 027-1 09may 040 09may 074

09may 144

09may 124

09may 184

Project: Love

love 024

I know it's long past Valentine's Day, but why does love only get to be in the air in February?

These are Modge-Podged blocks about 3 inches high. The letters I got at the dollar store and painted them brown. It's a small project... :)

Monkey helped me modge podge and when he saw the final project he said, "Mom! I Love that!" And no, he can't read. That's just his latest expression - he "loves" everything! It makes me smile.

Speaking of my Monkey.. he's being a little too quiet...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today I walked out of the house and saw this monster mushroom hanging out in our front yard. It may not look big in these pictures, I didn't have anything to compare it to, but this sucker was, like, 6 inches tall!  It was just knarly looking! I had to take a few shots of it!!   I had to use a stick to get a piece of grass off of it (cosmetic purposes), and learned that the white stuff on top is sticky! I'm not gonna lie. The thing scares me.

Is this normal? I mean, big ol' mushrooms hangin' out in my yard?! Utahns? Have you found his brother in your yard? I'm going to hop on Firefox right now and see if I can figure what kind of mushroom it is...

shroom 009   shroom 004   shroom 006

After my research, I think it's a Coprinopsis  Picacea, or Magpie Ink Cap.  "Should be avoided". Yikes! So far I've only seen this one... hopefully it's just a "lone reed".

Writers Workshop

Thanks, Mama Kat! This is some good brain-stormin' stuff! I'm gonna go ahead and do two of the promps!

List ten things you are currently sick of.

1. dirty dishes.

2. dirty diapers.

3. packing.

4. unpacking

5. not having money to spend at will; without consequence.

6. not having internet connection at home.

7. not having a home to call my own.

8. bills.

9. not having a pillow top, king sized bed.

10. my wardrobe.

Pretty typical... but it feels good to "let it out".... hehe


Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today.

Here it is... (created at

Light and Pink

So Grateful.


I am grateful for...

  • Hot water when I shower.
  • A roof over my head (however temporary!)
  • Food to eat
  • Kind Family and Friends who have been angels here on Earth
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The gift of prayer
  • Ancestors who accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have taught their children, who taught their children... all the way down to my parents who taught me!
  • My health
  • Healthy children
  • My hard-working husband
  • The sunshine
  • A vehicle that is reliable
  • Modern technology
  • Disney-Pixar Movies
  • My Life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BAR-B-Q Sunflower Seeds

So, I cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF ME find Bar-B-Q Flavored "Davids" Sunflower Seeds at Walmart! They have a surplus of the regular flavored David's Sunflower Seeds... but that's not what I really want. Seriously, what gives?!

Wordless Wednesday - So. Yummy.

luau 051

I heart luaus. More specifically, I heart Hawaiian FOOD!

Happy "Wordless Wednesday"!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Door Ajar

Does your vehicle suffer from "Door Ajar" syndrome? You know, when all your doors are shut (you know this because you triple checked) but your brilliant new-age car thinks one is still open. Like it would know! The doors are shut, darn it!

But as it were, the interior (and any exterior) lights stay on because AI thinks there is a DOOR AJAR.  Sometimes they shut off, sometimes they don't. Flip a coin.

It's irritating, but mostly you learn to ignore it. Until you're car doesn't start at all. Because your battery is dead. Because it's been drained keeping lights on to indicate an Ajar Door. However,  it's not ajar. It's SHUT.

The next morning, and all day long,  our 2001 Ford Expedition starts up just fine. You forget about the time it didn't. Until 10:00pm when you're leaving your in-laws, and The Battery is again, dead. Like I said, Flip a Coin.

Today, DH and I decided enough is enough. We were going to figure out what the problem was. I went around the car repeatedly opening and closing each door in hopes it was "THE ONE". No Luck.

Of course, I get the brilliant idea to google the problem. (Mind you, we were not about to "take it in" and spend hard-earned $$ until absolutely all resources were exhausted, and then some.) So I do. I came across and found a tidbit regarding the notorious "Door Ajar".

Here's what fordago had to share, "I had a problem that caused this behavior. I found a remarkably simple fix on a forum (forget which one). Spray WD 40 into the driver door latch. That's it. Apparently, there is a switch activated by the door latch which was sticking. It fixed the problem in 60 seconds for less than $0.01."

No Kidding. It worked! But it wasn't the driver door. It was the front seat passenger door. Yep, "mine". Go figure. 

Anyway, we bought a small can of WD-40 for, like, $5  - and OILA! No more "Door Ajar" warning. 


Thank you Google. You saved us lots of moola, time, and energy. I think I love you.

I retain the claim that you can learn anything on the internet!

Mother's Day

I realized I never "reported" on Mother's Day... not that there was anything extraordinary to report.  I received a card from my sweetheart, and a rose from each of the men in the house... :) It was very, very sweet.  The roses were so pretty I just had to have a little photo sesh with them... *wink.

love 007   love 011     love 014-1

Happy Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers! Why is there only one Mother's Day per year? Everyday should be a day to recognize our mothers! So... go ahead! Do something nice for yo' momma... she will love it!