Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming Soon: GREAT THINGS!

Our moving adventures will be coming to an abrupt end. We will be moving into our new place - and plan to stay there until we have too many children to fit. (trust me - that won't be for a while!). So that means I will finally set up my desktop, which means digital designing (I don't have the programs I need on my laptop), which means more digital goodies for you! Are ya excited?!

Also! (I've been very, very  anxious to share this!) I will be starting a photo taking MEME. I will give a little schpiel on one aspect of picture taking - and ya'll can practice it through the week and then share what you've created by linking up here! It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN. I'm super excited. But I can't bring myself to start it until I create a cute button for it! (I know, it's a little obsessive, but you still love me!).  I'm shooting for the first lesson sometime next week... I haven't decided which day would be best. Mondays are Friend Makin' Mondays, we've got Wordless Wednesdays... How about the Lesson on Friday - Share on the following Thursday? That;ll give ya a week to practice! Anyone object? If not, that's what I'll do.

So make sure you check in next Friday for  your first lesson! These will be very basic techniques for taking better pictures with  any camera!  I think you'll enjoy yourselves!  Summer is pretty much here, and you're going to have so many photo ops, it will make taking pictures so much more fun with a few new techniques!

Anyway! I've got boxes to pack - I'll catch ya on the flip side, yo!


Xazmin said...

I cannot wait! I'm so all about finding ways to make my pictures better right now!!!

Julie Isa said...

yeah! i can't wait!!! thank you!!!