Friday, May 15, 2009

Peace, Out!

Im postingg from my phone... As cool as that sounds... I would MUCH rather be posting from my laptop if it had any form of internet connection... The things I do for you... :p
Tonight I am supporting my SIL by supporting DH because he is providing entertainment at her LUAU! The food is going to be YUMMY! Sorry, not sharing!
Have I told you its been warm? As in I actually got a little sun burnt... And loved it! Well it has, and I did.
I'm officially taking the weekend off for my mental and emotional stability. I'm not blogging until Monday! Nope! You can't make me! I'm just not gonna do it!
So you all have a wonderful weekend and ill are ya on Monday same time, same place!


Xazmin said...

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

The Smiths said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

HeaddaMarie said...

Will he come provide entertainment at my Luau? :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Stopping by from MBC...

Hope you had fun at the Luau. Were grass skirts and coconut bras required attire?