Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today I walked out of the house and saw this monster mushroom hanging out in our front yard. It may not look big in these pictures, I didn't have anything to compare it to, but this sucker was, like, 6 inches tall!  It was just knarly looking! I had to take a few shots of it!!   I had to use a stick to get a piece of grass off of it (cosmetic purposes), and learned that the white stuff on top is sticky! I'm not gonna lie. The thing scares me.

Is this normal? I mean, big ol' mushrooms hangin' out in my yard?! Utahns? Have you found his brother in your yard? I'm going to hop on Firefox right now and see if I can figure what kind of mushroom it is...

shroom 009   shroom 004   shroom 006

After my research, I think it's a Coprinopsis  Picacea, or Magpie Ink Cap.  "Should be avoided". Yikes! So far I've only seen this one... hopefully it's just a "lone reed".


Emmy said...

Yeah lots of mushrooms are poisonous so be careful. cool pictures though!

Anissa said...

Love the pictures. I try and get rid of them so my puppy don't get a hold of them. TFS

Lins said...

We have a whole bunch of 'shrooms where I live. (Not Utah.)

Growing up they were all over my Grandma's yard and she called them "Fairy Rings" b/c they grow in perfect circles all over her yard.

Just don't eat them and you'll be fine! :)