Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's more than the product...

I'm seriously considering becoming a consultant for Mary Kay. Not because I'm impressed with the products (I Am!), or want a discount (though, I'm not gonna lie - is great!) or even because I think I'll make a ton of money (though, eventually I will! *positive thinking*)...

I have been very impressed with the Women I have met in the company. I have been impressed with how Mary Kay has affected my cousins life, and improved her self worth and over all helped her become a better person. Don't misunderstand me, my cousin is a good woman, a sweetheart and one of my best friends! It's just incredible to me to see how she has become part of a company that encourage and support her! Not only as a consultant, but as a mother, wife and as a woman!

The women I have met are genuine examples of "girl power" without the "men-hating". They smile on others' success! They praise women for their accomplishments! It's such an obvious contrast to the way women generally interact in the world... fighting for the recognition,  sacrificing their families, abandoning their sweethearts, lacking integrity!

This is something I want to be a part of. If I never make a dime, it would be worth it to be around these women! The few interactions I've had with this particular unit, I have really truly left wanting to be a better woman for my family and myself and I left feeling like I could! I get anxious about all the wonderful things I could learn from these women!

Tell me that isn't something special?!

And to take it one step further - I want to share that! I want to find the women out there who need a little extra love and support! (Don't we all?!) I want to see friends succeed! Not only financially, but especially emotionally and mentally!

Anyway, I just wanted to think "out loud".

Yep! I think this is right up my alley!


Emmy said...

I have gone to the presentations to become a sales person and have come this close to doing it to. Guess I was just worried that I wouldn't make any money and really want to do the whole sales thing when it came down to it. But I love the Mary Kay under eye concealer, it is the one Mary Kay product I will always always use

jennykate77 said...

I've always heard really great things about Mary Kay as a company. I have a few friends who are distributors (Mary Kay Girls) and they love what they do and get rewarded well.

good luck!

Carolyn said...

I am technically a consultant. But I only order once a year...the minimum just to get the discount and the great product.

I agree with everything you say about the women and the company.

BUT! Don't let them talk you into doing a huge initial order. I dropped several thousand dollars and really regretted it. I had product for years that I eventually gave away because it was in colors that I didn't use and couldn't sell.

Plus, it's really hard to be a 'salesgirl' the meetings are so fun, but the actual sales parties are tough to set up and get people to actually attend. ESPECIALLY in Utah where everyone does MK or knows someone who does.

Good Luck if you try, but be sooooo careful. You have to really love make-up and really want to do it 24-7 to actually make any $.

Moss Family said...

So funny.... I was going to call you today about this because I knew about your party last night but couldn't make it. I wondered if you were interested in becoming a consultant because I have had the desire for over 5 years now. I wear MK make-up myself and love the product and the mission and purpose and organization and values of the company. I also love how it empowers women in many ways.

When we lived in Utah 4 years ago I intended to become a distributor but never did... I have the same fear that if I did it I wouldn't make as much $$ as is worth my time. Ya know? Anyway, maybe it would be worth it JUST to get my own discount.

Let me know what you decide. Hey... playdate next week? My boys are finally healthy enough to interact with other kids! :)