Saturday, June 6, 2009

Defensive Driver?

The weirdest thing happened yesterday...

First, I was heading south on the freeway (yah, those BIG Roads with at least 4 lanes! where you can go a minimum of 55mph...) anyway, I was getting off the highway in the exit lane, and about 10-15 cars ahead of me I see break lights flashing, and like a domino effect the cars start coming to a stop - fast. I was able to slow down quickly enough that we were fine - but about 5 cars behind me - not so lucky -


Car accident. I got so scared that it would domino effect and the car behind me would hit us... but {tender mercy for real!} it didn't.


Then later that same day, I was in some back-road traffic and a nice, black SUV behind me decides it wants to pull along side me into the NOT SO WIDE meridian (you know when the meridians start so it's like a triangle?). There wasn't enough room in the meridian for her to fit between me and on-coming traffic so I figured she would wait for a gap in the on-coming traffic then drive around me...



Not enough room. Her right side mirror hits my mirror! No, I'm not freaking kidding. And HER mirror totally BREAKS! Mine just snapped back into place like nothing had even happened (except for the really loud BANG). She just keeps on driving. I'm thinking there is no way she DIDN'T know what just happened! (Yah, I said she.)

Not a scratch on our "XP" (double tender mercy, seriously!).  And go figure, my drivers side window was DOWN. Scared the Cr@p outta me! Well, not literally of course (you were thinking it!)... but my blood was pumpin'.

Crazy, yah?

Maybe I was getting a little too comfy and just needed a little reminder that there are other people on the road! And apparently, not all of them are defensive drivers.


So... just drive carefully please!


Emmy said...

I grew up outside of Chicago, I used to drive in downtown Chicago. After high school I moved to Utah, have never been so scared driving in my life! Utah drivers drive like they are the only ones on the road.
Glad you are okay!

Night Owl Mama said...

that sounds like Chgo driving to me. LOl
Looks liek the lady above me talked about chicago too are u local?

summer driving is always a lot wilder than winter driving too. It always gets worse. Stay safe

Camaron Ortiz said...

I'm glad you're okay. What a jerk! gah!!(hope she doesn't read your blog....)