Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been pretty emotional lately... and I'm especially grateful for my sweet husband. I felt like sharing this...


If you really knew me, you would know why I need him.

When we met, he didn't hold back or play games with me -he let me know he was interested.

When I didn't return the feelings, he didn't give up. He waited.

When I categorized him as being like every other guy - he didn't argue with me. He proved me wrong.

When I dated other guys, he was my friend.

When a boy made me cry - he listened.

When a friend died - he was there for me.

When I wanted to know what he was feeling - he told me.

When I missed him - he came.

When I was insecure - he reassured me.

When I felt crazy - he held me.

When I was done with other boys - he came for me.

When we lived states apart, we talked every night and he drove 12 hours to visit me... often.

When I needed a hug - he hugged me.

When I needed to talk - he talked with me.

When I told him I loved him - he said, "I love you too".

When I was ready to give up - he wouldn't let me.

When I called off our wedding - he still married me.

When I wanted forever - he married me in the Temple.

The only time I yelled at him - he didn't yell back.

When I needed him to do better - he did.

When I decided to become a professional photographer - he bought my camera.

When I felt alone and sad - he showed me he loved me.

When we had to be apart - he trusted me.

When my brother died - he was my rock.

When I was pregnant  - he took care of me.

When I wanted taco bell - he got it for me.

When I had our children - he was there, holding my hand.

When I wanted to start a business - he sold his dirt bike.

When I missed my family - he bought my ticket.

When I make mistakes - he forgives me.

When I need a break - he watches the boys.

When I get sick - he takes care of me.

When I cry - he kisses my tears.

When I want him by my side - he comes with me.

When I need him - he's there for me.

While I grow - he is patient with me.

He doesn't try to change me to fit him, we grow together to fit each other.

Through all we've been through - he hasn't given up on me.

This is the man of my dreams. He didn't have to be rich. He didn't have to be perfect. The man of my dreams would sweep me off my feet and return all the love I had been waiting to give.

Yes, I'm a very lucky girl.


Carolyn said...


The Caretaker said...

Yes, you are a very lucky girl. Don't lose it cuz it's hard to find. Keep your marriage strong and continue to be each others best friend. Much aloha.

Emmy said...

Sounds like a great guy! So nice to have someone in your life who truly knows you and truly loves you. Life can't get much better than that.

Brittany said...

AH... That is so Sweet! I love it! Makes me miss my hubby who is @ work right now!

kanaboke said...

Wow!! thank you for sharing something so special and personal...beautiful way to start off my day! You two are very lucky to have each other!1 :-)

Sarah said...

Ok I'm a sobby mess!! How wonderful is this!! Ya know you can see it in his face that he would be this kinda guy. How lucky for you that he waited, how amazing of you that you realized the gift he was!!! May you both continue to have these wonderful things!! Sarah

The Smiths said...

That was beautifully written.

SNM said...

A very profound post. So honest, sentimental. I was moved. Thanks for adding to my little note. Hopefully will post a complete list later.

Mr. Mcknob said...

That is so awesome. He should also feel lucky to have you. I wish my wife felt the same about me. She might but I don't hear (or read) it. *sob* That was a great post.

Xazmin said...

Awwww...that made me cry!

Missy Mauch said...

Oh, man! I just wanted to cry! He really is a great guy!

Karin Katherine said...

I love that you have such an amazing man and marriage...and talk about it. What a gift for your children to see. That was the sweetest post ever. Thanks for sharing.

Night Owl Mama said...

guys like that are RARE so very rare. and I thought there wasn't another guy in this world who was as good as my husband and now I know there is. HOLD him tight HE's a Keeper!