Friday, June 5, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge


Hey Ladies (and Gentlemen if there are any)! Welcome to the Introduction of Alicia's Photo Challenge! The purpose of the challenge is to teach and encourage you to take "better" pictures! And by "better" I mean, pictures you wont EVER want to delete; pictures that capture the details of your life!

Here's how Alicia's Photo Challenge is gonna roll...

a. On Fridays, I will give a little lesson on basic element of Photography. After the lesson, I will give you a photo challenge.

b.You will have all week to complete the challenge. Throughout the week, post your chosen picture.

c. On Thursday, link up here at Imma Momma. Then visit one another and give your comment love and support!

d. Come back on Friday for the next lesson and challenge!

The challenges are intended for "beginners" and those who just want to learn a thing or two and take "better" pictures! But no matter your level, feel free to participate! Creativity begets creativity!

I am hardly All-Knowing when it comes Photography - but it's what I love, and my clients have been pleased with their results! So I am happy to share what I know!

Here is an idea of the things we will learn about:

  • Lighting (natural vs. controlled)
  • Cropping (Focus, details, Eliminating distracting backgrounds)
  • Portrait vs. Landscape
  • Angles
  • Post Editing Digital Images

*subject to change on a whim!

So, go ahead and take a button (I couldn't decide which one I liked better...) and let the fun begin!

Imma Momma

Imma Momma


Sarah said...

Oooh count me in!! How fun is that!! Sarah

Becky said...

YAY!!! Sounds like so much fun! I'd love to learn about taking better photos. I'm a little late to the party, as I just found this blog and have missed Challenges #1 and #2. I'll start with Challegne #3: Rule of Thirds. Thanks so much for doing this!!!
Love & Light~
OM girl