Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alicia's Photo "Lighting" Challenge - SHARE!

Hello! Hope you all are ready to share your favorite photo from last week's challenge! To learn more about Alicia's Photo Challenge, go HERE! Thanks!

Last weeks challenge was: Practice taking pictures using the light around you. Notice the difference it makes in a photo when you take them in direct sunlight vs. filtered sunlight (i.e. overcast, window or in the shade). If you have a source of controlled light, play with it. Use it to highlight the focus of your image. Lighting is the key to an image, so we're starting here.

Here's mine:

I took this in the shade. (I freshened it up a tad in post-editing... but we'll talk more about that another time!)

If you haven't already posted yours - do it now! (If you have questions, contact me) And then come here and add the link (directly to your post) on Mr. Linky! Then go visit each other and see all the possibilties (and don't forget to leave a little comment love!) Then (your not done yet!) - Come back tomorrow for the next challenge!

Okay, now you can go!


Sarah said...

Alicia... ths photo is stunning!! I love the angle! She is lovely!
I so enjoyed this - thank you for spending the time to do all of this!!!
Off to see the others..... Sarah

Emmy said...

This is a great shot! I must admit I tend to get a little shy about taking pictures out doors unless it is early morning or late afternoon.. but I know if I want to do this for money someday I might have to learn to shoot even at noon.. just have to look for the shade :)

Thanks for doing this. It has been fun. I am looking forward to tomorrow's lesson

SNM said...

The photo challenge is a great idea, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Can't wait for tomorrow. ;)

The Caretaker said...

I can't wait for tomorrows lesson. Am looking foward to it!!

David and Audrey said...

That picture is gorgeous! I'm so excited for tomorrow's challenge, thanks for doing this!