Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My escape from reality... :)

In the book I was torn... but if it comes down to Rob or Taylor... it's no question I'm on Team Jacob! Cast your vote at people.com.

TWILIGHT'S TWOSOME photo | Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner



Brandon Mull's FableHaven. Have you read it? If you're a fan of Harry Potter, you'll probably enjoy it! I love the relationship between siblings, Kendra and Seth! The funny thing is I relate to Kendra... and if you know me, you know I wish I could talk to Faeries!! Seth is a typical trouble-maker who has to learn how to make responsible decisions. Their adventures are (literally) Out of This World! It's a very good read... but don't be fooled, "FableHaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary" is not the last book! I totally thought it was going to be, but when I got towards the end realized there was no way it was going to have all the closure I needed... Thanks, Brandon Mull! Totally threw me for a loop there! I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to book 5... but I am so anxious! I don't like waiting for the next book!!!


Emmy said...

Yes especially in New Moon you do get torn.. but I definitely end up coming back to the vampire :)

Though in real life.. yeah I think I might be team Jacob too!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Funny, I am re-reading the Harry Potter series right now- so thanks for the suggestion of a new series to read.

The flip flop exchange is on!

And I am totally a Jacob fan!!


Jody said...

I love Fablehaven! I still need to read #4.
As for Twilight: I was an all Edward fan in the books- never wavered. But yes, when it comes to the actors I am all Jacob! ;)

Night Owl Mama said...

NO vampires for me. They scare the goose bumps off of me. BUT yes very very HOT.

Shanna Notebo-Tabura said...

So i have decided i LOVE (like love)lol Edward.... Not the actor in real life... he is kinda goofy looking to me. But the character that he plays.....hmmmm i am such a looser im only in about 2/3 of the first book. I have the second one but in between moving and work and kids.... i wish i had more time to do me and have a minute to read. Maybe once we get settled again.

So thats my take on Vampire man.
Oh and i wasnt really into the vampire thing until now-ish.