Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Big Fat lip

The other night I put Monkey on a time out in his room for destroying my only lipstick. No, I didn't take a picture. This time I was too upset to have a level head. It would have been a good one too. Anyway, he freaked out when I put him in his room and screamed for me and was straight-up hysterical! (please tell me you know what I'm talking about!)

DH spent sometime with him, talked to him and did all that good daddy stuff.  He even tried to put him down for bed, but Monkey was freaking out again... so I (being the cure-all for my kids!) gave it a shot. He was pretty much asleep, but any time he felt me move, he would get emotional and tell me (eyes closed) "Mom. Stay Here. Mom, Stay Here!" (this is the same heart-breaking line he uses on me when I try to leave him in nursery.) So I stayed... but one time I sat up and he started freaking out (eyes still closed) and didn't even realize I was laying back down when he threw himself at me  and his head smacked my lip.

Fat. Lip.

It's a good thing I freaking love that kid! But even a few days later, my lip is still a little tender. Nope, no picture of that either.

But heres this...


I {Heart} My MONKEY! (yep, he's had a runny nose pretty much ever since we left Kauai... what gives!)



Missy Mauch said...

That stinker! You gotta love him!

kanaboke said...

the Tropical Breezes aren't here to blow "crap" outta the air so our poor Monkeys have to build a whole new immunity to stuff that lingers in the UT air...UGH! Your boys are so dang cute though; even with their Hanabatta Noses.