Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Vase/ Pencil Holder / Whatever-You-Wanna-Put-In-It and Wipes Holder

I promised pictures of my crafts... so... without further ado...

(*disclaimer: I use my phone camera because it's just right there when I need it. I'm thinking that if I keep up with this crafty kick, I will take much, much better images to share! But in the mean time, you get the idea!!! PLUS I can just email the pictures to myself from my phone... can you say convenient!?)

This was so so sooo easy to make! I used a cleaned out Pringle Can... 1. cut it to the height I wanted 2. covered it with some fancy scrap paper, 3. and added ribbon to the top and bottom.

Really. It was that easy!! As you can imagine you could use this for all sorts of things.  I do not currently have anything in the smaller one... but I'll think of something!

IMG00377 IMG00378

And Wipee Holders. There are all sorts of tutorials on this one. But again, so easy! The trim I used on the first one was a little too big for the case... but it turned out alright anyway! And I didn't put trim on the second one yet.

IMG00381 IMG00384

Anyway! That's about the extent of my craftiness...

Or is it?



Missy Mauch said...

I really like the vases! We should make those!

Shanna Notebo-Tabura said...

To cool.
I need to try that.
Love crafts type of stuff.
Just need to find a way to make time. AHHH! I need more time. LOL