Saturday, October 10, 2009

Super Saturday

What does "Super Saturday" mean to you? I think of a super cleaning saturday. A super day to clean the house, cars, mow the lawn... if you're giggling to yourself right now, it is very possible that are an LDS woman that is thinking about a Relief Society Activity...

I don't know where it originated from or how wide-spread this yearly tradition is, but right now we are planning ours. What are some successful projects you have seen or done? This is one that I am really hoping we are able to do:

(U Create)
On another note: Because MaryKay is a huge part of my life right now, and I think about it A LOT, I'm going to start talking/blogging about it. I've been trying to separate blogging and MaryKay - but that leaves me with little else to blog about because THAT is what is on my mind! So if you're not a big fan of MaryKay, I'm not going to apologize, I'm just going to ask you to stick with me and pretend you care! AIIGHT?!


Emmy said...

Yep, Super Saturday is definitely a crafting day. That plate is great!
We had ours last month. We made these glass blocks (think dentist office) with the temple on them, it looks like it was etched but actually was vinyl. We also made family home evening boards, vintage aprons, 3 little tiles hindged together with black shadow like vinyl of the nativity scene.. and a few other things I can't remember.
I love super saturdays!

Lourie said...

Ours is next week I think...haha...isn't that bad that I don't even remember??? what I do remember is one of the crafts is a glass cake pan with your family named engraved in it. Perfect for any casserole dish brought to another home after a baby is born! Then if you are the receiver you remember exactly who to return it too!

Ritsumei said...

That plate is *amazing.* What fun. We did flower arrangements one year, and took a rope, tied it to a string of lights with strips of fabric, and both of those are projects that I actually USE still, plus they were fun to do.

Just wanted to ask: am I missing your photo challenge posts, or has there actually not been one since Aug? I totally understand if there hasn't been: life happens. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing them because it was fun.