Saturday, February 20, 2010

A glimpse into my heart

I know some of you may think it’s super cheesy and cliché but seriously this child has me wrapped around his finger. It’s pathetic.  But I love it. So here’s me having a sappy mommy moment, and I want to show of my baby who turned 3 years old over night, (I swear)! The lighting in the room was fabulous. Couldn’t pass it up.

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Missy Mauch said...

That little boy is so studly! I love him!

Emmy said...

Such cute pictures! He really is a cute boy.

Lourie said...

Awesome pictures! And he is a cutie.

Xazmin said...

He is seriously beautiful! I'm with baby is 3 and I can't stand it!!

The Gonzales 'Ohana said...


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