Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s difficult to blog without internet…

But that problem is finally fixed!

Sweet Nothings

I have been feeling particularly blessed and I am so grateful for

  • my health.
  • my children’s health.
  • my husband’s health.
  • my home.
  • Cameron’s employment.
  • a warm bed.
  • hot water.
  • electricity.
  • friends that keep comin' around!
  • my parents.
  • my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Temples.
  • the power of forgiveness.
  • The Book of Mormon.
  • a working vehicle.
  • the sunshine.
  • good influences in my life.
  • opportunities to learn about myself and others

What are you grateful for?


Lourie said...

My mom and I do grateful emails each night and send them to each other. We started doing it a few years ago, to remind us things are good. We also list good things about that day. I am thankful for:

1. Food in my cupboards/fridge/freezer
2. The fact that I am not snowed in because I live in So CA
3. A lovely home that is now ours

Things that are good about my day--thus far

1. I got to go grocery shopping ALONE
2. We are having the missionaries over for dinner
3. I see a nap in my future

Lourie said...

Oh and welcome back to the cyber world!

Emmy said...

I am grateful for the chance everyday to get up and start and try again. No matter how the previous day went, today is always a new day.