Saturday, September 19, 2009

A free moment...

And by "free" I mean, my babies are sleeping soundly and The Teens and my Dear Husband (a.k.a. "DH") are making a Walmart run for me (I dearly despise Walmarts on Saturday Nights in Utah County...) and I am not "working". My Thank You notes are sent, my products delivered, my checkbooks balanced, my PJs on, and the house is silent. It's a rare occasion, people. I am cherishing the chance I have to think and let my thoughts drift in and out of the weeks happenings... and blogging!

Did I mention I team-teach the 4 year olds in Sunday school? I do, and it's fun. I teach tomorrow and should be preparing... so I suppose I am stealing this free time. Consider is stolen. I am also on the Enrichment Committee. I am looking forward to the next activity!

Mary Kay is rocking my socks. I am working on finding a balance that will allow me to be successful, yet not keep me from my family. We have settled with 2 parties a week + one night of Training. That's one thing I love it that I CAN set my own schedule. It's GREAT! On top of the temporal rewards that everyone can see, are emotional and psychological rewards that are nearly impossible to describe. I love who I am becoming, I'll just say that much! And I don't know how I have gone without Microdermabrasion treatments my whole life!

My boys just keep growing up. Monkey's latest favorite has been Blue's Clues. I didn't realize he was actually learning so much until he found a clock face and told me which one was the big arm and which one was the small arm. I asked him what time it was and he told me "Nine O'Clock." close enough, buddy. And he loves hearing the stories of the Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. He is such a sweetie and is very protective of his brother and is constantly looking out for him and keeping an eye on him. I love it. He is such a great First Born!

Turtle is just a little teddy bear! He's exceptionally cuddly and absolutely adores his brother. It melts my heart. He loves to laugh and has been picking up signs pretty quickly lately. He picked up "more", "please", "candy" and "thank you" as quickly as he realized he could make the motions. I loves making hand motions for different songs and whatnot. I'm pretty sure he does it so eagerly because he sees his brother doing it. What an influence they have on one another already!

DH is getting a pedicure and foot massage tonight... as soon as he gets back with a few things we need for tomorrow! Unless I fall asleep first... lol... that wouldn't make him too happy! It happens ALL THE TIME... It's hard to keep my eye lids open! And I'm just so exhausted... but know I probably wont even get a good night's sleep...


Lourie said...

Free moments are the best. Enjoy every single one.

Emmy said...

Blues Clues is a cute one.. one that I don't mind watching too much :)
I have thought many times about selling Mary Kay.. but I always back out in the end.

Oh speaking of, I need to go order the cover up, LOVE that stuff.