Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The TEENS...

Since they are going to be a part of our family for a while, I figured it is blog-worthy and I KNOW you want to "meet" them! Plus I just love showing them off!


21Aug 475-2

He's the strong silent type. Ridiculously talented in... well, everything! Sports, dancing,  music... you name it he can do it. And if he can't - give him a minute to figure it out and he'll pretty much blow your mind. 


30may 080-2

Our social bug, he's happy-go lucky, and always smiling! He's just so dang optimistic and positive... except if his plans get changed and he can't hang out with his friends... he'll be a sour puss for a minute, but it doesn't take him long to really make the best of his situation! He's super athletic and fast!

They are way fun to have around. They are easy-going, helpful and all around good kids (guys?). They are great uncles and great brothers! We're glad they're back with us!

Now. Where can I sign them up for some professional modeling/acting?!


Carolyn said...

Handsome boys. I'm sure your little ones love to have their uncles around to play with.

Teach them to cook and clean and someday their wives will thank you!!!

Emmy said...

Seriously, every time I see their pictures I think New Moon :)

Lourie said...

Good looking guys. I agree with Carolyn...teach them to cook and clean.

Lydia said...

Enjoy the older guys, You can tell they are all brothers.

Mama Kat said...

Oooh they're CUTE!!! Very handsome.