Thursday, August 27, 2009


Alrighty! I think I have my life under enough control that I can commit to blogging again! The TEENS are in school. The BABIES are happily entertained. And here I am, sitting at my laptop checking out the people who are checking me out (I do that) and have found some new followers and readers! It's oh so exciting that even though I've been a BLOGGING SLACKER you still love me... well, my blog anyway!

Some random thoughts I've been wanting to share with you...
*How does Walmart get so crazy!? I think they should take my $ and put in some traffic lights. Or something!
Teenage boys eat. ALOT!
* I do love a full house. And I thoroughly enjoy the quiet moments. Esepcially if the babies are sleeping!
* Did I tell you that I finally watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? I can't remember. Well, I did and I LOVED it!
* My side businesses are picking up and it's so exciting! But a little intimidating.
* When are they going to have a Blogging Convention here in UTAH? For real! Who do I need to talk to to get that party started?!
* Why do I have this need to always have a HUGE project to work on?
* How did I land such a sexy husband? That attribute wasnt even on my list of wants! Go ahead and gag, but he's hott!

* I still haven't potty trained my 2 1/2 year old... and don't care.

* I'm totally into Thank You cards right now!
* I discovered Provo Crafts. What a gem!
* I don't have any time to craft.
* My home is mostly in order and I love it. It feels pretty cozy.
* My home is not cozy when it's a mess. Which it usually is after 2pm.
* I have finally put music on my iPhone. My current favorite is Beyonce's Halo.

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It's going to be a good day, today!


Emmy said...

I hardly have any music on my iPod touch.. mostly games :)
Welcome back

The Smiths said...

Cool! welcome back!!

I love Thank you Cards, too..but I am currently out of stamps...and don't want to drive across town to the post office.

Don't worry, I still don't have my almost 4 year old potty trained. We were and then he all the way back to diapers for a few days.