Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Started

School started last week. That shouldn't have meant a thing to me, alas we inherited (haha, that's so not the right word!) two teenage boys the weekend before and now we're on the public school's schedule. I guess it's not so bad!

It's going just fine, all things considered. Adjusting: yes. Succeeding: time will tell. I really think this change will be a good one.

Being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and a Photographer has been keeping me happily busy enough. There is something truly satisfying to have my own accomplishments and successes. Life is Good.

I read New Moon again. I could hardly stand to put it down. It amazes me how incredibly sucked in I got... again! Needlesstoday - I am giddy for the release of the movie version on November 20th! Did I mention that DH got me the series for my birthday? He did. And he's the best!

We will be visiting our wonderful friends in Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend who just had a beautiful miracle baby boy! :) I have availability on Saturday night (the 5th) for a photo shoot if anyone in the Henderson area is interested!

The boys are good. Monkey is coming up with the silliest lines. Yesterday, he asked me where his uncles went, and I told him they were at school and he responded, "Wow. I didn't even know that! That's crazy!" ... he cracks me up!

I suspect I will be blogging more often! Hopefully, I'll eventually get back to blogging daily - but not promises from me just yet! :)

Hope you all are having a great week!

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Emmy said...

Yes, I found New Moon just as hard to put down the second time, maybe even harder :)
The blogging world will happily take you back :)