Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge: SHARE!


Hello, hello! Are you ready to share your favorites from last months challenge?! I sure hope so! I'll be completely honest: it may take me a few days to get the next challenge up. But it is coming! To learn more about Alicia's Photo Challenge go HERE.

Okay, so last months challenge was: get familiar with your Post-Editing program, and try some different effects and filters. Learn how to crop your photo. Learn how to increase the contrast and balance it with brightness.

Simple enough. It was hard picking my favorite photo since I do a lot of post-editing! But there was one photo in particular that I loved the results.


This picture was taken when my oldest was 6 months old (about 2 years ago) when we were visiting my family in Hawaii. I wanted to develop it and put it up in our home, so I played with it first. I was amazed how great my skinned looked after a little smudging work on GIMP.

If you participated in the challenge, link up! Remember to visit one another and leave some comment love! It's always a great feeling to have a little support and hear words of encouragement!


Sarah said...

OMG girl he is toooo cute!! I love snaping the kiddos!! How do you do just one...I can never just post one pic - yikes!!! Great shot! I'm really enjoying the challenges..keep them coming!! Hugs, Sarah

Emmy said...

Thanks again, I really do enjoy this. I must admit I rarely take new pictures for the lesson but go through the thousands I have taken in the last 6 months :)
But it is so good to go back and look and think about my pictures and to remember new things that are needed.
Very cute picture!

The Smiths said...

I'm really loving the photo challenges. I can't wait for the new challenge...Linking up mine to yours now.

David and Audrey said...

Lots of fun, love the challenges! I love that picture! It looks like he's pointing at something and saying, "look mommy!" The leaves in the background add nice texture.

Emmy said...

Yea! I am glad you got this posted. So glad that you are spending more time with your family too though.
Great pictures!

David and Audrey said...

Sorry so late, I just saw today that the Mr. Linky was up :). Your picture is so precious!

Susan Staus said...

I just found your website and thought I'd play along with you.
Your boys are so adorable!!! I love the pictures of them on the sidebar!

Haley said...

wow! that looks great! I need to learn how to do that on gimp!

Ritsumei said...

I'm a bit later than the rest, but as this appears to be the current challenge, I though I'd go ahead and link up.

Nai said...

I know I should link up with this challenge before I got asking when the next one will be:) But I only just got my camera back.