Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's just put this out there...


So here is some randomness from my brain...

We went to the pool last week and I got toasted. I was very excited about the color I was going to have after the red healed up - now my right shoulder is peeling, which defeats the purpose. Guess we need to go again! (I had a low SPF block on, and we were in the sun for a looong time. The boys were fine. smothered in spf 50.)

I need to go through the boys clothes and organize them all by size.

I have recently discovered "YoVille" on Facebook... it's like a way simplified version of Sims.

I really like Sims. I haven't played it since Turtle was born.

I am 3/4 ways done with Harry Potter, and the Half-Blood Prince. I wanted to read it again to refresh my memory before watching the movie. Plus it's my way of savoring the anticipation of the movie.

DH has been working out every morning for the last 2 weeks. It's been good for him. And I think he's hott.

Today, I have resolved not to yell at or spank Monkey. I'm curious how he will respond. He's been a little rebel lately.

It's a beautiful day. Right now the weather is perfect, but it's going to get mighty hot later on.

I had a dream that I was swimming in the ocean. It was heavenly!

I watched a few episodes of "In the Motherhood" and was very, very disappointed. It was really stupid, and was borderline offensive for me. Some funny parts, yes. But they could have done a lot more with it.

I'm (always)  trying to balance out my life. Currently, I'm working/focusing on: time spent on the computer, spending quality time with my boys, having a "real" social life, trying new things and pushing myself to do things that are hard and usually out of my comfort zone, being a better friend.

I really want to visit my family and friends back home.

I am grateful to finally be settled in our home.


Tina said...


OK I need that button.....I have really been in a blogging FUNK also.

I still read my bloggy friends blogs but I have been at a lose for words.....well that is until today! LOL

Emmy said...

I love Sim type games, my favorite game is Sally's Spa on my iPod touch.. only .99 cents :) (make sure you get Sally's spa and not Sally Salon, sally's spa is so much better)

Jody said...

I LOVE Sims too! Have you played the new one yet- Sims 3? I want it.

Anonymous said...

love the randomness!!!!! :)
That is how i think ALL THE TIME!!!

that is cool that your hubby is working out now... mine has been too... and i likey!!!