Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things I've learned...

It's been a... unique week... out of the normal, if you will. Not bad, not particularly good... just odd. I think it's me. I think my perception on my life, myself, my family, my surroundings has been altered or something. Because I feel like a different person, and I like it.

But here are random things I've learned this week, (mostly about myself):

  • Infant Tylenol is for reducing fevers and will do nothing for inflammation.  Use Infant Advil (or Ibuprofen) to reduce inflammation, like in a dislocated shoulder that has been reset and is still... inflamed and tender.
  • You can still find Scriptures that clip shut.  We found one at Seagull Books and thought it was a rare find, and when my husband asked if they had any other colors, she told us that the Distribution Center has a really great selection. In fact, that's where they get theirs from.
  • I hate it when my children are in pain, whether physical and emotional. I thought I would handle those situations better (because I knew they would come!)... but I don't. I bawl.
  • Dr. Campbell, of Campbell Chiropractics in American Fork is GREAT. I give you my recommendation.
  • I really like The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. So do my kids. My favorite was the HUGE Octopus. I mean, HUGE!
  • When I get out-of-the-house "ME" time, I am a happier wife and mom. I actually look forward to coming home and seeing their precious faces. I seriously recommend it to all my mommy friends.
  • I need balance in my life. Now that I know how much I need it, I am setting goals to achieve it.
  • I like my Gazelle. But I don't like that my boys seem to like it as much as I do. Those stinkers have no fear and probably wont learn until it bonks 'em in the head. (If even then!)
  • I'm not very good with money. Taking steps to change this.
  • I love downloading free applications onto my iPhone. Our favorites are Bug Squash, Paper Toss, BubbleWrap, and Blowfish.
  • I'm still a procrastinator.
  • I'm in no hurry to potty train my 2 year old.
  • I am enjoying doing things I haven't done before and welcome the challenges they bring.

To name a few.  What have you learned this week?

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Missy Mauch said...

Infants Ibuprofin also works the best on fevers for my girls. What I do is just rotate tylenol then ib, tylenol, ib. It works best that way! Also, I will be getting some girls time soon! Very excited to get out of the house WITHOUT the girls or work!