Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Family...

You probably feel "like this" with my boys. You probably know them as well as anyone! Monkey, Turtle and DH are my life.

But before that life, I was (/am) part of another family. My parents and sibling are some of my favorite people in the world! BUT I don't get to see them often because they all still live in HAWAII! So it's not like I can meet them half way or drive 12 hours to see them. It kinds sucks. But my dad has a facebook account now, and so do my brothers and they update their pictures fairly often - and I love it even though it makes me miss them! Anyway, I stole some to share with you!

May I introduce you to the people who raised me, and my (younger) siblings that I  wish I were a bigger part of their lives!  They're a lot more like me than they know!

Meet: My DAD. He's an easy-going guy who swims with fish for a living. Island life suits him well. Visit his company's website, Snuba Tours of Kauai.


Meet: My Mom! She's spunky and wise. She's so much cooler now than she was when I was a kid (and I mean that with all the love of my heart!) I look forward to the time that I am where she is now (basically, not changing diapers anymore and back in school! YES!)


Meet: Princess Megan (and friend). Yes, I am using her real name because I can't find myself changing it. That's who she is! She's a freaking doll. It's been a rough road for us as sisters, being 4 years apart and her always taking my stuff... (you know!)... but now she's one of my favorite people to be around! And she can't move out here soon enough!!


Meet: Surfer Boy. Haha... he might laugh when he reads that because it's such a small wave, but look at him!  He's a stud. I'm so very proud of this one. He's like the male me. I feel this kid and know that he will be successful.


Meet:  Haole Boy. The very friendly social bug. Don't be fooled by the nickname, this kid's pidgin is thicker than teriyaki sauce!  An island boy with ambition (is that an oxymoron?) and talent!He's, like, the coolest 14 year old I know!


Meet: Baby Girl. The youngest of the group, she's had to thicken her skin a little to survive. She's a trooper and is up for pretty much any adventure! She loves the outdoors and being around her family! She doesn't know it yet, but she needs me! We'll be best friends one day... :D


That's my (first) Family!

Can you see why I miss them all so much?!


Rebecca Talley said...

Love the photos.

I would love to live in Hawaii--that's where we spent our honeymoon.

I hope my kids will feel the way you do when they have their own families.

Tina said...


Thank you for sharing all of I feel like I know your other family too.

Great family and I'm sure you miss them so.....

Sarah said...

Oh how wonderful was that!!! Amazing family hon!! All good looking like you and yours!!! I adore Kauai - one of my very favorite places in the world - lucky them!! I'm thinkin' that your Mom and I are around the same age. Hugs, Sarah

Becky said...

Enjoyed meeting your family!
Great photos!
I can see why you miss them.

I've never been to Hawaii but hope to visit some day.
Love & Light~
OM girl

Emmy said...

Looks like a great family. And very cute pictures

Moss Family said...

Awe, what a nice tribute. I bet this time of year is hard not being in Kaui... oh wait, I bet winter is even harder. You have a great family Alicia. Great action shot photos too! When is Megan moving out here?