Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vacuum my brains out...

okay, so that's a little bit of an exaggeration... but can I just say that

I Am Sick Of Cleaning!

It wouldn't be bad if I were just cleaning up after myself, but of course not. I have two sweet, active, curious, messy, easily distracted boys... well, make that three. DH is almost as bad, except that he doesn't spill his breakfast all over and then splash in the milk - I'll give him that much. But seriously! Am I the only who really sees all the messes that are made and left..?! Why, yes. I am.  (As I yell to Monkey to pick up his cars before he gets out all of the balls... who am I kidding?!)

Someone, anyone! Tell me I'm not the only one. (Because if everyone else's two year old don't make messes and actually cleans up after themselves, I might sink into the abyss of depression... okay, not really, but I'd think about it!)

It's so bad that I see a big ol' mess of cereal under the table and don't want to sweep it up, because after the next meal I'll just have to do it again. I usually wait for the days worth of messes and clean up after the last meal... to do it all over again tomorrow.

You know what I'm talking about?

It doesn't help that our dryer is out of commission until DH figures out which bolt/screw/THING he needs to fix it... (he's tried a few different sizes and none are the right one so far), so the laundry is piling up and I have to do a few over-flowing loads at my in-laws. Don't even get me started on LAUNDRY!

Anywho. I pick my battles. I'm not going to vacuum right now, because I might scream.

You know, it's all about balance. Gatta have it.

It'll still be there later!


Thorny Tree Lady said...

Oh, sweetie, you're not alone. The bad news: boys don't get any "cleaner." Great news: they grow-up to help clean not only their own messes, but other people's messes, too. Mine are 10 and 8 now, and they clean the kitchen better than I do. They ought to: they messed it better than I could when they were 1 and 3!!!

The Rambler said...

I did a post similar to this a couple months ago. I had orbited in another planet because I had been so beside myself with my husband's lack of control with letting our toddler take over the living room, kitchen, dining room while I worked at night.....


It's not just you.

Hang in there!

Becky said...

This too shall pass...
ahh, the joys of motherhood!
Hugs, Love & Light to you~
OM girl

Jody said...

No you are definitely not alone. It's called being a wife and mother! Someday they will eventually learn to help clean up, right?! Someday....

Becky T. said...

I feel your pain. You are never alone! I say it gets easier not better. I've got a few posts on my blog about my 4 year old. Check those out if you can... might take a bit of pressure off your shoulders.

Remember, you are never given more than you can handle. Some days you just handle it better than others! *wink* :-)

Emmy said...

Every day I ask, isn't Alex supposed to be past the stage where she puts everything in her mouth and destroys everything??
Oh, and both of my kids favorite places to wipe their hands, the kitchen table. Ask for a napkin, I will say.. they will then sometimes ask for a napkin WHILE wiping their hands on the table.
You are not the only one :)

Anonymous said...

omg, i am in the same boat! i have two boys, 12 and 8 and of course my husband is included here too. no matter how many times i've explained, eat over the plate, use your napkin, everything doesn't go on the floor....etc it just never seems to sink into their little brains.
i feel so defeated a lot of the times, i don't know what the answer is.