Monday, December 7, 2009

How to have fun in that white, wet, freezing cold stuff Part 1 of 2

feb16 074

Winter is my least favorite season and if it weren’t for Christmas I would have absolutely no reason to even be open-minded about Winter. But HELLO I live in UTAH! It feels like winter for approximately HALF OF A YEAR! I can either moan and groan and be miserable… 

Or I can find some ways to enjoy it. The snow, that is.

First rule of thumb came from a friend/neighbor who is originally from Upstate New York. Apparently, it’s even colder there. Whatever. Cold is cold. But she made a really great point in response to one of my anti-snow Facebook statuses a while ago. Paraphrasing, she told me, to learn to layer because “Nothing beats the spirit (of winter) like being cold”. Words of Wisdom! I think I’m going to get this quote in vinyl lettering to put on my door. Hahaha… not. Okay, maybe.

feb16 085

So rule #1, Get the right stuff to stay warm in the snow!

  • Long sleeve shirt? check.
  • Sweater? Check.
  • Big, warm snow jacket? check.
  • Beanie/warm hat? check.
  • Scarf? check.
  • Snow pants? check. (These have to be waterproof or they don’t count.  These can also be called “bibs” I have learned. You might feel like a farmer but these things work warm, toasty miracles!)
  • Two pairs of socks? check.
  • Snow shoes/boots? check. (Again, these have to be pretty water-proof, my skater-style DCs do not count! Neither to my knee-high faux leather boots!)
  • Gloves? check. (One (or 2) pairs of those thin cotton kind to go under the water-proof snow kind).
  • You also may want to consider earmuffs if your hat doesn’t cover ‘em up.

Alrighty. Once I actually had the right clothing to keep my warm I became open minded to exploring the possibilities of PLAYING outside in the snow… and maybe even enjoying myself. Yes, it’s a hassle to layer especially when it’s me + 2, but we’re working on the “system” and it is getting easier. oh yes, and you should probably make a bathroom run BEFORE you have 4 or 5 layers of clothing on…

To be continued…


Emmy said...

Cute pictures!!

And yes layers really can make it all okay.

Lourie said...

I do not miss that. I would rather visit than live in it. Kudos to you for keeping an open mind.

Andrea Culletto said...

I'm right there with you! Every time I go outside during the winter I get madder than a wet cat! I'll have to try your suggestions, usually I just stay inside and refuse to leave :)