Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Christmas Hat

For the first 2 years that Cameron and I were married he traveled every week, all over the  country. Being the thoughtful husband he is, he would often come home bearing a gift. ;) After an event in Anaheim, California – he brought home for me, a light blue, Tinkerbell “santa” hat.  I absolutely adore this hat. I wear it as often as possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas… and not only it is darling, it’s exceptionally cozy and warm! Something I have recently noticed about this hat is that little girls love it! I sometimes forget it’s on my noggin’ and just assume little girls are staring at me because I’m breathtakingly beautiful… hahaha… but before the thought really has a chance to take hold they shyly tell me, “I like your hat…” Oh! Right! My cute Tinkerbell hat! I like it too! :)

This picture was taken for Cam 3 years ago just  before the Holidays while he was away… and obviously I was pregnant. This was with my first. (After our first son was born, Cam changed departments with that company so he wouldn’t have to travel anymore).  My good ol’ hat. Have I mentioned that I love it!?


These were taken last week. Still rockin’ the Tinkerbell hat! That’s my niece giving it a try… :) 11dec 006-111dec 009-1

That’s the story of my hat! I suppose that  can kind of be considered a type of tradition… so throw that in there!

6 More Days and Counting!!!!!


Rebecca Talley said...

Adorable hat. And, can I say, you look so cute pregnant--wish I'd looked like that. Great photos.

Lourie said...

Definitely cute.