Friday, December 4, 2009

You Can Do Hard Things

I don’t know about you – but sometimes things just suck. Both things within your control and things beyond your control…  sometimes it’s a fight to get through the day! It’s usually not the children, sometimes it is the husband, usually its finances or dealing with other peoples’ choices. Sometimes it’s yourself. You know what you feel like doing about it, what other people expect you to do about it, and what the right thing to do about it is. Usually, those three things do not coincide. I love the quote in Harry Potter when Dumbledore tells Harry “You must make the choice between what is right and what is easy” (or something to that effect). I think there is much truth in this statement. Rarely, if ever, is the best path the easy path. And I’ll tell you right now,

You Can Do Hard Things!

Yes. You can. You can! You can! You can! Don’t you ever forget that! I think every family should have this up somewhere in their home. It is when we do hard things that we grow as individuals and really get a glimpse of our full potential. You. Are. Amazing!


Emmy said...

Very good to remember... it is easy to take the the easy, lazy do enough to get by approach. But then I always feel worse and just cycle downward.

It feels good to accomplish hard things.

Lourie said...

I remember the quote you used too...and it's true. The right way may be hard, but it's the way to go. And we CAN do it.

Mama Kat said...

So inspirational...we CAN do hard things!!

Haasiegirl said...

you are so right!!


Jody said...

Hey thanks so much for this!