Monday, January 25, 2010

Can we do that again?

030dec 131

It’s not often enough that we go out and have fun as a family. I mean, we have lots of fun all the time… but you know those really fun days that you created some amazing memories? Those are the days we don’t have often enough.   One of those days was sledding with my boys and enjoying the SNOW! They had fun climbing up the white, snow covered hill to hop on the sled and ride down the hill without  a care in the world! It took a few turns to realize that there was so much snow it would indefinitely “splash” up the front into their (our) faces… which, err… wasn’t as fun. So the rest of the day they went down on their tummies facing the top of the hill… I can’t explain why, but that is SO MUCH FUN! The snow just kept coming down the whole day! We made snow angels and snowballs and kept busy and moving so the cold never sat in! I would love another day like that even if it meant snow!

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Emmy said...

Good for you and that does actually look like fun.

We had a fun day out riding bikes on Saturday, until both kids decided to not listen at all at the end. :)

Lourie said...

With all the snow the CA mountains are getting, it is very likely we will be going for a snow day. Then we can come home to the non-snow area. haha. Looks like all had a blast!