Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, What do you do in the winter time?

We’ve been doing a lot of this: 

21jan 043  

And too much of this:

21jan 041

With one car down, we got into our daily routine which rarely consisted of doing much outside of the house besides play in the snow for a few minutes.

The car was down for months.

Now it’s fixed and I’m having a hard time getting out of our home-bound routine. I want to get out, but honestly I’m just too lazy! That’s the honest truth of it.  Between lunch and naptimes, the teens getting home from school, Cam getting  home from work… you know, it’s a routine!

Have  you ever experienced this? If you have, how did  you get out and about again… other than errands? Or did you?


Missy Mauch said...

Ha! I'm doing it right now. We only have 1 working vehicle. The only difference between us is that I also have a job that gives me breaks from home.

Lourie said...

When we lived in VA, from about November to April nobody really ever came out. Too cold to bother. Literally our usually kid filled street was like a ghost town. We would go to the mall and other indoor places. Go to the movies. Find a fast food place with an indoor playground. We need outside. But in those cold months it's easier to stay inside. And like you said, school, homework, etc. We used to have picnics inside and make up silly games. Hope your cabin fever lifts soon.

Carli said...

my fave thing is story time and music time at the library. free and fun! they even get to do a craft afterwards at my library. checks your out!

Emmy said...

I find if I get dressed myself very first thing in the morning then we are much more likely to go out. If I am not dressed, then by the time we all finally are it is often lunch time.

Roxie said...

I agree with Emmy...If im not dressed by the afternoon..im not goin make it out of the house. We usually have to get out of the house everyday even its just going to the post office to get the mail...I try to set up playdates as much as possible.

Recipe Writers said...

Play dates. Find friends in the same situation and schedule play dates at each other's house. They get to get out, you get to get out. Force yourself to do it and you will fill better.