Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where there’s a will there’s a way….

What do guys do when they don’t want to buy a season’s pass, or climb a mountain? When they don’t want to waste daylight traveling to their destination? When they want a quick (and sometimes not so quick') snowboarding fix?

19jan 018

They build their own jump in the backyard.

True  Story.

19jan 019

And who gets to freeze her fingers off taking pictures for them?

Yep. That would be me.snowboard jump

On the bright side, I’m getting to practice action photography… and night shots!


Emmy said...

Definitely worth it for the pictures! Great shots!

And who is the crazy one with no shirt???

Alicia said...

Hahaha that would be my brother.

Lourie said...

In his hey day my brother would have sooo done this...sadly he thinks he is STILL in his hey days! My nephew IS in those days, and I could totally see him doing it too. Great shots.

Nai said...

A brilliant idea.