Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just another day in paradise

I’m not going to apologize for being a blogging slacker, because there is no obligation. If you missed me, I am flattered! However, I dare say I actually miss blogging! I may have to start up with daily topics/themes again  to help my thinking process. It’s been a challenge coming up with something I want to write about more than the daily happenings of my little family… which I “journal” on another blog. But I miss you all. Yes, I miss the comments and the mentally stimulating conversations… the things I learn from you all that make my life a little easier and more enjoyable! So there! I said it.

Until I get back into a routine, I am going to draw writing inspiration from photos I have taken… saaavy!?

Anyone else’s house look like this? Multiple times a day?!

19jan 051   19jan 081 mess 19jan 077 culprit

How am I supposed to be upset with that face!?!? I’m turning into a softy/push over. I have thrown my hands up and most of the day my house is cluttered with toys and books! I pick up first thing in the  morning (or last thing at night), just before Cam gets home and if we have guests… *sigh*… on a good day. Eventually , they will grow out of this phase, right? RIGHT? (and onto other undesirable phases to be sure!) Yet, I love it because it means my children are alive and well! Something to be grateful for.


Missy Mauch said...

The question is...when ISN'T it messy like that? The moment I clean, it gets messy, sometimes worse!

Emmy said...

My house is so like this too! Luckily we have a play room now, so it is mostly the play room that is like this.. but yeah it it just inevitable. And I would love to see you back more often :)

Jody said...

Too cute! Yes my house looks like this ALL THE TIME! So don't feel bad!
Also- thank you for NOT apologizing about slacking on the blog. It happens to all of us- but it usually means we are busy with LIFE. So we should all stop apologizing for actually living and just get to the blogs when we can! Thanks for the light-bulb moment!

Brittany said...

haha are you kidding??? My house is like this all the time till they go to bed! Don't even know why I even clean it..