Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bloggy Contests...

I'm really getting deep into the blogging world now and discovering new things all the time! I've been aware of contests on blogs... but holy Schmok-es. It's a whole 'nother universe, I tell ya! And there is some seriously AWESOME stuff to be won. Not just for mommies, but full-blown-pretty-much-anything-you-can-imagine type stuff!!!

Blog contests are a GREAT way to get your business/name/brand out there!!! Provide a sample of what you're all about and WHAM it  is in the blogging Universe! Now that is good Advertising! Especially if you can get your product/service reviewed before hand. Everyone will want one! And those who really wanted one but didn't win one - can buy it! It's all at our fingertips!!!

Here are a handful of contests I've found and a handful of places to find MORE! Go get yourself something cool for free!!! If you win something, I would love to celebrate and be happy with you so let me know!!! Really!!!

Contests that speak to me...

(ends Feb 11)

Apron giveaway (ends Feb 16)

Resources for MORE contests!! (Click the image or Title)

The Mom Buzz

Be Different... Act Normal

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dk Mommy Spot

Green Mom Finds

A Blog of Goodies

And there are more more more!!! So have fun!! Let me know what kind of stuff you find and win!


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Carli Webb said...

I love, love, LOVE blog contests! I have won quite a few of them. Thanks for these ones!