Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little bit about Alicia

In my pursue of happiness and successful blogging, it only makes sense to let you get to know me a little better! I mean I'm sure you're wondering, who is this chick that is trying to make the world a better place, anyway? Why should I care what she has to say? You shouldn't. But in the off chance that you do...

Meet. Alicia.

Alicia, what is your favorite...

*Pair of shoes? My pink cork-bottom high heels.  I hardly ever wear them, but I have kept them through 4 moves. That means I looove them.

Way to do your hair? Straightened, parted a little to the right, flipped out a little bit. Like in the picture on the sidebar. That was a good hair day.

TV show? The Office - Hands down. LOST is a close 2nd. But get this, I don't actually watch them "on TV". I haven't had cable (or any channels for that matter) in my home since I was 11!  We have all 4 seasons on DVD. If we do want to watch the current season, we meet up with friends or watch it on nbc.com!

Animal? The Cheetah. I did a repot on them in the 7th grade and have been fascinated ever since! The first time I saw one in real life (at the Vallejo Six Flags) I was emotional. 

Place to get ice cream? Maggie Moos. Coconut. Meetchya there!

Store to buy groceries? I hate buying groceries. So I usually get what I need while I'm at Walmart.

Halloween costume? Elf. Definitely an elf! Ears. And. All.

Class in high school? English. It was easy so it was fun. I could study Shakespeare all the time!

Do you get easily embarrassed? If I  am caught off guard or unprepared - yes. I don't like being the center of attention in large groups.

What kind of critters are you scared / nervous of? Rodents.  Any size, shape or form. They make me jumpy.

Would you rather be in a really cold place or a really hot place? Really Hot Place. Hands down! I detest the cold.

Do you feel younger or older than your current age? Younger. I feel like I am still 19. Time sort of stopped when I met DH. But then I look in the mirror and realize... well... I'm not 19 anymore!!!

What is your own personal bedtime routine? I don't have one! I usually fall asleep while putting my boys down for bed. Or stay up with DH until I can't take it anymore and have to go to sleep. Exciting, I know!

What was  your favorite movie or book was as a child? My favorite book in 5th grade was Tuck Everlasting. My favorite movie was Willow... well, it still is. One of the best movies ever!

Where do you call "home"? I grew up on the small island of Kauai. My family moved there when I was 4 and my parents and siblings are still there! That is home to me.

So there you have it, folks!  Have another question for me? Please, ask me! I will collect and answer them in a future post !


(*Questions courtesy of "Random Questions")

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