Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's a Girl to do?!

Yesterday we drove down to Las Vegas. "We" being myself, DH, my 2 boys and my brother-in-law. This is the FOURTH time in 5 months. You'd think I know what I'm doing by now! We came down to get the rest of our stuff and for my niece's baptism - which is today. In a few hours as a matter of fact.

So I'm setting out the boys' outfits, and get out my own when I think... "Where did I put my makeup "caboodle"?" And as I think, I horrifying realize that I left is back in Utah. "No. Way!". I start to feel a little sick to my stomach. (Can you IMAGINE?! I tripple checked the house to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything - but I didn't even go INTO the bathroom after I had gotten ready for the day!). I slyly go outside to the car, hoping no one notices the horrified expression on my face, to check again.
The back. No Makeup case.
The middle row. No case.
The front. No. Case.
Now, understand that this case not only contains my makeup, but my deodorant, razors, accessories, hair products... my HAIR BRUSH!!!!
I slowly walk over to DH who is having breakfast... and I sit next to him. In a half-whisper I say - I left my makeup case in Utah.
He looks over at me and asks me if I'm sure. I reply that I am. I just checked the car. No. Makeup Case.
He says he's remembers putting it in the car.
I ask him if he's sure.
No. He's not.
(note: DH got me the makeup case for Christmas for these very events. Having everything in ONE place for traveling and such!)
This sucks.

So, here I am distraught. We're really trying to be more frugal or else I would just go to the nearest store and get the necessities. Or do I just clean up and go au'natural!? Ugh. Now that I need a TON but lets just say I would look like the walking dead without a little color. The truth is harsh sometimes. But it is what it is.

What would YOU do if you were me? I'm so flabber-gasted that I'm even in this situation! But instead of getting MAD I'm blogging. I'll let you know what ends up happening...


The Gonzales 'Ohana said...

Alicia, that totally SUCKS! But, lucky for you, you are so naturally beautiful that you don't need any make-up anyway. :)

Leilani said...

I'd totally go without the makeup (I only wear it Sundays anyway) and borrow the rest of the necessities from my hubby.

Carli Webb said...

I have done this before! I just borrowed some powder and mascara from my step mom and bought some chap stick. If not, I am sure you will look great! And I am with Lei, I only wear makeup when we are going out somewhere!