Friday, February 6, 2009

Inversion. Snow. COLD.

How in the world is it that I love Utah so much? Ever since we've been here (2 weeks!) our health has rapidly depleted. Every stinkin' one of us. Both boys have noses that are running like a freaking waterfall, I swear! We must have used up an entire rain forest worth of tissues!  And DH has only stopped complaining about his dizziness and nausea in the last few days now that I feel like crap... because... well... I trump that! We can't have both of us being downers!  (Love ya, hun!)

We suspect the pollution, I mean inversion. And the cold. Which equaled snow  falling from the polluted heavens! So between the unclean air we're breathing (okay, I'll admit. DH gets it the worst because he actually goes outside) and the freaking cold ... we're all sick and borderline miserable.

But it feels right.

Being here, I mean.

I really was ready to call Las Vegas home for a while. Alas, it will not be. We just can't escape these  snow-capped rocky mountains!

And believe me. We Tried.

This will be the fourth time I've moved back to Utah since 2002. Nope! Not kidding.

Just can't quit Utah.

I admit, I love it here - minus the seriously crappy unpleasant Winter weather. We've met some exceptionally choice people in the areas we've lived. So I can't hate.

Anyway, my point is...

uuh...what is my point?

Well... what do you think of this place? (whether you live here or no)

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Shanna Notebo-Tabura said...

Sorry to hear that everyone isnt feeling well. Is it any better yet??

Its not just you folks. Everyone in Hawaii. With our hawaii weater is SICK!

Im just getting over a cold.
Yesterday i slept the whole day and had both kids. Ask me how i did it i cant tell you. My mom went to the emergency room a couple of days ago she was burning with fever and had major pain. My sister in Hilo her whole family was sick. And even my in-laws on Kauai.

Our weather here has been CRAZY!
Its freezing..... Ok maybe not as cold as Utah but really cold and raining. Than the next day its hot like summer. I dont get it.

Well for your cold did you and Cam ever try Zicam? It works great.

Get well you guys!