Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank you E-"Stuff"!

Being a Mom is a Full-time job. No lunch breaks, no Holiday Pay... no "watching the clock" until you can "punch out" for the day. Nope! None of that. Oh yeah, Being a Wife is a full-time job, too. Same principle. No Pay. Even if I'm not with my children or husband, I am still a mother and wife. So when do I just get to be ME? When do I just get to be Alicia? Never? Learning to balance these three aliases is the never-ending challenge of being a woman, a mother and a wife. I couldn't do it without my friends (and that includes my aunts, cousins, mom, sisters...). I learn so so soooo much from the women around me! I thrive off of that social connection that benefits me in all aspects of my life. I like to think of myself as a social bug (butterfly, if you will...) Thank you to the "Blog-o-sphere" that is this social connection. Most days I cannot go out and do whatever I want because I am much more concerned about the others in my life. And that's okay. Sometimes I get to visit with a close friend over lunch or just hanging out at her house all day  and I so appreciate that "real" interaction. But I so appreciate my online sisters. I know that sounds super-duper cheesy, but that's exactly what it is. I have come to know and love so many amazing women, near and far, simply through blogging, emails, facebook... all that great E-Stuff! I really feel that I have a support group! There are REAL women out there who can empathize and understand what I am going through as a woman, as a wife, as a mother. What a blessing! Technology has brought relief to those who wouldn't otherwise have any! Who cares if it's virtual?!

I strongly feel that this needs to be embraced and used to the benefit women everywhere! There is so much we can learn from each other! We all have unique strengths and weaknesses!

Anyway. That's my schpiel for the day! Can I get a "what! what!".


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kanaboke said...

What What!!!! I love it!!! Is this your third blog? Or your new blog? You are AMAZING by the way! Loving Skins for Friday and everything else about this blog! You Rock!!!