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Labor and Delivery (For your information...)

I've decided to post my labor and delivery experience with my 2nd son. I posted it on our family blog, but I think I should share it! So... here goes nothin'!

Labor and Delivery
Originally posted May 10th, 2008

"Alrighty... into the fun details of how it all went down... along with my recommendations and suggestions for those of you about to have your own little bundles of joy in a few weeks! Ill consider this my journal entry and print it up and stick it in his journal...
So, on Sunday around 11am I start feeling contractions... consistantly about every 5 minutes but they dont hurt at all, just a tight feeling. I decide to let DH know, and I get ready for church and finish packing my bag - just in case. For the ne
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xt hour Im getting pretty excited as the contractions continue to come consistently... We go to church because DH was invited to be in the circle for a good friend's baby's blessing. All throughout sacrament meeting the contractions continue... still not painful, but now I'm starting to feel really out of breath when they come. Just after the baby blessing is done I really start feeling funny and let DH know that we should go after Sacrament is over. Now DH starts to get a little anxious and excited... :) After Sacrament meeting is over, we let my sister and my mom know that we're going in and ask them to watch Blue Eyes. No problem. We head to the hospital, and decide to run home real quick to get a change of clothes for DH... then we realize we forgot to leave Blue Eye's car seat at the church... so we drop that off quickly... all the while the contractions are getting just a bit more intense, but more than anything, I was getting more and more out of breath with each contraction. We get to the hospital, and since its not regular ours, we go to the ER, and the lady checking us in is not in any hurry whatsoever... I preregistered a while before, so it didn't take too long... then this nice nurse named Sarah came down and took me to Labor & Delivery in a wheelchair (love it!)... we got to L&D Room 1 where we get all comfy in the hospital gown... I'm thinking things are gonna move pretty quickly (everyone kept telling me it would with baby #2)... so when they told me I was at 2cm I was sooo bummed! but contractions were coming regularly, so from 3pm-6pm I was pretty much under observation... when the doctor (Dr McDonald) finally arrived to "make the call" he didn't get in to see us for another hour or so because they had to do an emergency c-section for another lady there. I didn't mind waiting. Dr McDonald comes to see me and I'm now at a 3/4. He tells me that I'm staying and that I'm going to have the baby tonight. Yay! I've already let them know that I would like an epidural, so he recommends getting that done asap, since baby #2 could come really quick. The nurse (now Lea) gets the IV running because I need to be nice and hydrated for the epidural. I had an epidural when I had my first son... and to put it simply, having him was a pleasant experience. So, naturally, I wanted to do it again. Got the IV going, now Dr Sanchez, the anesthesiologist (sp?) shows up for the administering of the epidural. It goes as well as can be expected when injecting 3 needles into my spine... the weirdest thing was that when Dr Sanchez said I might feel a "zing" down my leg, I'm thinking a tingling feeling... and then "WHAM" my leg shot up! lol... and the nurse tells me "right on cue!" It scared me more then anything, since I was trying soooo hard to hold completely still! So now... we wait. and wait... and wait... then sleep... but all night long the nurse is coming in and out of the room to get random things from the cupboard and checking my vitals every so often, so it wasn't like a nice long nap or anything. The blood pressure arm-wrap thing would go off and a nice loud beeping would always follow... all the while the baby monitor was going and baby looked "just great"... So sometime during the night they let me know I was at 6 cm... which was just great! so when Dr McDonald came in at 5am and told me I was at 8cm and the baby was finally low enough that he could finally break my water... so he did. By 6am I was feeling the pressure of the contractions even with the epidural. And the pressure kept getting more and more intense... and then the weirdest thing... I felt like I should start pushing. I heard about that, but didnt feel it with my first... they just told me i was ready and told me what to do. But this time, I really felt "ready"... and I finally told DH to go ask them to hurry because they seemed to be taking forever! Just after 6am they came in and the Dr told me that we were having this baby before breakfast... and we got right to work. The nurse (still Lea) was still there and she must've been exhausted because the whole time I'm pushing she was so distracted going off and doing things in the middle of my contractions, so I finally told DH that he needed to take charge and tell me when to push and coach me because the nurse was ticking me off and not helping at all! After about 30 minutes of seriously intense pushing, he was here! he arrived at 633am to be exact. I'll get to the spinal heachache in a bit... this episode of "Lost" is almost over... :) And it's getting a bit intense..."

Labor and Delivery Part 2
Originally Posted May 11, 2008

"(VERY LONG part 2 of Labor & Delivery...) A little graphic and might make you uncomfortable. .. but women have been having babies FOREVER and if you're a woman who has not had a child and plans to someday... this will get rid of a few of the surprises. If you're a woman who has had a child you will appreciate it or loath me for reminding you... and if you're a man reading this... it might do you a little good to know what your mother/wife/sister/daughter has or will probably go through one day.
Did I mention the episiotomy? No? Well, there. I mentioned it. After Brown Eyes arrived, they put him right on my chest so I could look at him - and he was beautiful! Messy, but beautiful! Then we noticed he seemed to be having a little trouble getting a full breath of air, so off he went... to the little station just next to my bed where they helped him clear the gunk out of his lungs. Then once he was in the "all-clear", brought him back to mommy to enjoy for a few minutes until I insisted DH have his turn. What I REALLY like about this Hospital is that they DID NOT TAKE HIM OUT OF THE ROOM! To clean him up, change him, weigh him, bathe him, give him his dose of Vitamin K (or something to help with the circumsision the next day), the eye gunk, all the quick little tests they do... they did right there. With my first, they took him to a seperate part of the L&D wing to do... and DH went with. But it was nice not to have to think about it. DH was able to give him his first bath and change his first diaper and it was special to watch it all. Then they brought breakfast (the Dr promised breakfast after baby), and seeing as I hadn't eaten anything since 10am the previous day, you would think I would have ravaged that meal... but no! Just after getting some medicine for the pain - Zonk - out like a light. That was the best feeling to just konk-out and sleep. I surprised myself with just how incredibly exhausted I was! When I woke up, I was pretty surprised to discover I still had an incredibly painful headache after taking those hospital strength pain-killers. I was able to take a shower (divine!) and the headache persisted - weird. So, I mentioned it to the nurse (Lisa) and she had that "this-is-not-normal" look on her face and asked if it got worse when sitting up straight - I said yes - and she suggested it could be a spinal headache, meaning that when the epidural was administered I may have received a tiny scratch in my d-something and a little fluid may be leaking from my spine. She said she would call Dr Sanchez and get him up there asap to evaluate. Do it. Now, I wasn't too freaked out because I had heard of this happening before, and the nurse told me that what they do to reverse it, is to take some of my blood and inject it into the area the epidural was administered to clot the scratch. Okay. Dr Sanchez just HAPPENS to be right outside the door when Lisa goes to page/call/phone him and is able to come right away. He apologizes and genuinely seems to feel really bad about it. He's a nice guy, and stuff like that happens - yah! like one in 100 or less! He says it happens maybe once or twice and year... did I pick a lucky number I didn't know about? Oh well. So he goes over the procedure, should I choose to do it, and all its glory (same risks as the original epidural). He tells me that the "blood patch" is 95% successful and that they wont do another blood patch for 24 hours, but the 2nd time its 99% successful and that if needs be, the 3rd time is 100%. Not life threatening. (Be warned, the following talks about blood and needles) So, I sign the "little" consent and we get ready to pretty much do another epidural. Lisa draws the blood from my hand (about 20mg) while Dr Sanchez is numbing my back with his own two needles... then once she gets the 20mg out of me, Dr Sanchez injects the 20mg of blood into my back. Now, I knew this wouldn't be the best feeling in the world... but 20mg of blood is A LOT of blood and the feeling of it all going into my back was not exactly painful, but really really unnatural. The pressure was in my back, my butt, my head... everywhere! Once the whole 20mg was (back) in me, I was instructed to lie down flat for one hour. The flatter, the better. And while I was lying flat the headache didn't bother me one bit. The pressure in my back relatively quickly went away... now it was just waiting out the hour... and I REALLY had to pee by then. lol... My sister had arrived to meet the baby and was there for the procedure, but both she and DH were instructed to be seated during it, for safety precautions. (Dr Sanchez told us about a very sad lawsuit going on in Pennsylvannia against a hospital because a man fainted while his wife was getting an epidural, hit his head and actually died. So Sad... so in PA no one is even allowed in the room while epidurals are being given. There's no law like that in Hawaii, but none-the-less a safety precaution). Okay back to the "I really had to pee"... When there was about 20 minutes left to my sentence to lie completely flat for one hour... I really really had to pee. I'm still being pumped with fluids from the IV... so it was pretty much torture and every few minutes Id ask DH and DS how much time was left and they would tell me "15", "11", "10", "6", "5"... time has never gone by so slowly. But I made it. Once I was able to sit up, the throbbing headache was completely gone... I was a little dizzy from lying completely flat for one hour... but that too passed. And I was as good as new... lol... okay, not really. But I was able to get up, do my thing, and walk to the room next door where we would be staying. And there we stayed for 2 more nights enjoying all three meals in bed, nurses checking vitals every few hours (my right arm felt bruised by the time we left), adjusting to feeding Brown Eyes every two hours (he is a very good, consistent eater), and basic post-partum recovery. All-in-all, pleasant. Will I do it again? Yes. Eventually. But I am definitely going to space the next one out a little more then 16 months!!!! Okay here are my thoughts and recommendations. (be warned, a little graphic and personal, if you don't like the word "nipple" don't read on.) 1. Bring your own music. I bought "Absolute Relaxation" and "Peace" from Walmart by Andrew Fitzgard (or something) in the fung shui section (okay, thats not really the department, but its the one with candles)... LOVED IT! I still listen to it in my car and play it on my computer... its super relaxing. Anyway, it's very nice to set the atmosphere yourself. 2. Make sure that whoever is coaching you during the pushing part of labor is loud. Or loud enough that you dont have to ask "what?". Dont ask. It'll just make me frustrated. (just kidding, you can ask if your really curious.) 3. It's better to be snipped than to tear. It helped the baby come quicker and like I mentioned, it's better to be snipped than tear. (One big reason I go for the epidural, snipped or tearing - I don't want to feel that!) 4. Take a shower as soon as you feel up to it. I didn't with my first because I was too tired and didn't care - but the really nice nurse-helper suggested I should and helped me move the IV thing around with me. And I tell you what that hot water was heavenly. I didn't get my hair wet, but it was still incredibly refreshing. 5. If your planning to nurse, it's gonna hurt. It was exceptionally painful with my first (like excrutiating, I would have given birth again if it meant THAT pain would go away...) a) Last time I discovered Lansinoh Nipple Creme ( A MUST, even if you arent in as much pain as I was)... if you dont have it, get it. If you know someone who doesnt have it - get it for them. And b) This time I discovered the nipple shield. It took Brown Eyes a day to get used to it, but once he did it was the best! It takes a little more prep to feed, but it's worth it if your chi-chis get really raw and tender... it makes nursing a "pleasant experience". That was the best discovery this time around. 6. Bring your own pads. And Panties. It was way more comfy then what the hospital provided. This time around they provided some really big pads that were diaper ish and those were great, but they only gave a certain amount because I technically didnt need one THAT big, they're just more comfy than the regular strip pads. I read on a forum on about what women recommended or didn't recommend, and I took the idea a woman suggested to bring depends, or a similar product. I recommend Poise Panties. I used those once my ration of big-orange diaper-ish pads ran out... and they were fabulous. Awesome for over-night security... (I could be on a commercial! "Awesome for Over-Night Security!!"). Anyway, love 'em. And I just got the $1 briefs from Walmart, cute pink ones... lol... enough of that. 7. Another recommendation from that I tested and approved... two braids. Okay, I didnt actually do this while in labor, but wish I would have. I did it for the rest of my stay, and it was cute and even though it was matted, it kept the hair on the sides so when I laid down or leaned back, i wasnt on a chunk of hair and didnt get in baby's face when eating. If you can, have a girlfriend/sister who's visiting do it for you. It's always nice to have someone do your hair, and asking someone to braid your hair isnt that extraordinary of a request. There you have it. I am now fully prepared to put this experience (mostly) behind me and move on to the next chapter of motherhood. Two Boys. Oh man. This should be good.... "

Hope you're not traumatized. Maybe you learned something. Maybe you took a trip down your own memory lane. Have you recorded your experience?

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Jensen Ohana said...

I needed this post! I'm so close and SO ready it was great to read about your experience. I go back on my sisters' blogs and read about their experiences too. I love advice! I can't wait to have my own story and experiences! It should happen soon... I hope! She's definitely a stubborn one, so we'll have to see how long she'll make me wait! The last month is probably my least favorite (i'm not a patient person). Thanks again! Take care!