Friday, April 24, 2009

Aloha Friday


It's Aloha Friday... no work 'till Monday...


Now, I'm not "employed" by a profitable company of any sort... but in my industry... we don't get days off. We don't even get a lunch break. Before kids... Friday's used to mean something. Now, it's just another day of the week. It used to mean dancing! It used to mean guaranteed fun! It used to mean getting dressed up! Sheesh. I'm such a drag.

I think I will do something fun tonight. Get dressed up just for the heck of it. Go on a group date... with all of my boys. Mini-golfing? Nah. Dancing? err... prolly not. Movie? Well... I don't even know what's good out.

What is there to do on a Friday Night with a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a Big Kid? Preferably something that wont cost me an arm and a leg... but something enjoyable that will create good memories for the whole fam... suggestions, please!



Elise said...

You've got me. The only thing we do is take a picnic to the park. Maybe go up the canyon? Or you could go to the toy store. . .always a hit with Everett, who knows he can hold, he can touch, but he cannot take home!

I'll be checking back to see what good ideas you come up with. I certainly need some!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Ah...Friday night and the weekend coming up. I'd put the kids to bed and pop a cork of bubbly and have tons of conversation. Not much fun for the kids though!

Stop on over...having a giveaway and who couldn't use a pick me up for the weekend? HOpe it's a fun time for the whole family!

Carli said...

Jungle Jims is fun! Only $5.00 for Monkey and free for the adults! It has rides and a play area, but it is in Midvale...kind of a drive for you.