Monday, April 13, 2009

This is the Year

Alright... I Think I'm back in my blogging element. This week should be a fun one! I have some projects I want to do, and will want your input on my ideas...

but that's for later on.

Today, I would like to to introduce you to a very fun, informative, blog-active lady named, Xazmin at

This is the Year

I recently "surfed" upon her blog and was thrilled to learn about her monthly" Modge Podge Mania, which, of course, I just had to participate in because, I heart Modge Podge! (Ooh! I think I will make a button with that one it!!).

It's a really great blog that I look forward to checking out, pretty much every day. I think you'll like it to!!



Xazmin said...

You're so sweet to feature me! Thank you! Mod Podge Mania was a blast last month, and I am so excited for our next installment! Thanks for helping me spread the word!

Anonymous said...

i'll have to check that blog out :)