Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fab 15... Movies

Over at MomDot, today's Fab 15 by Victoria were movies. And I just had to do my own fab 15 because I only agreed with maybe one of her movies... so here goes... (these are not particularly in order... just all in my top 15)

1. EverAfter - The best version of Cinderella to date. The one movie I can watch over and over and over (voluntarily).

2. Willow - Classic.

3. Chronicles of Riddick - Hello, Vin Diesel. Hard. As. Nails.

4. Lord of the Rings, Return of the King - My favorite of the trilogy.

5. Star Wars, The Attack of the Clones (that's Espisode II)

6. Serendipity - We're Kate fans over here!

7. Peter Pan (The newest version that is not animated) - I love the scene where Peter shows Wendy the faeries! Tink is a doll, and Peter Pan is a q-t!

8. Shrek 2 - cracks me up.

9. Mr and Mrs Smith - I'm not necessarily a  Brangelina  fan, but this movie rocks.

10. Pirates of the Carribbean 1 & 3 - My favorite scene is in 3 when Will is standing on the island with Davie Jones and Beckett while the other three walk towards them... you know what I'm talking about!

11. Disney's The Little Mermaid - My favorite Disney Classic

12. Romeo & Juliet - (yes, the one with Leonoardo DiCaprio, of course!)

 13. The Count of Monte Cristo - this is one movie that is way better than the book!

14. Stardust - What a fun story!! Great acting too.

15. The Bourne Trilogy - Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum.

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mamalotsoftots said...

You're movie list looks GREAT.!.

Some I haven't seen, others I love. ♥
Thanks for sharing!