Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just one of them days...


Seriously! What's up! I feel like a bloggy-drag lately. Okay, minus the amazing pictures of my little family - I'm kinda boring! So... I'm going to interview someone and feature it next week (or tomorrow.) Maybe I will get someone bloggy-famous...! (And by bloggy-famous, I mean someone I blog-stalk...)

And did I mention we're moving this weekend? Crazy. I despise moving - but we've just gatta get through this.

I have been a crafty-drag too. I don't feel like making stuff for my home... because... we're... moving.  But I'm pretty sure once we get a little settled, I will have lots of fun stuff to share with you! So, hang in there.

Can I just say that I love how many little parks and playgrounds there are in this community! There is at least one in every development!  In fact - I think I'm going to take Monkey to play because he's getting a little nUtZ!!

Speaking of my Monkey - why does he THROW himself on the floor when he's upset? I mean, I can hardly believe he hasn't learned by now - it hurts! Does anyone elses kid do this? (I can't imagine mine is the only one who will be missing a few working brain cells as a teenager...)

21apr 212

I LOVE "Utah Grass"! It's so Green! And soft, and cool... I can honestly say I missed it while we were living in Paradise... and I love summer evenings here, too! Mmmmhhmmm.... love it!

Alrighty. I'm out.



Elise said...

My little guy throws himself on the floor, too. A rite of passage, maybe? Or might those now missing brain cells explain many grown men's aversion to discussing feelings of any kind?

Sorry you're in a blogging funk. Want me to hope your kids start doing some crazy stuff so you have good blog fodder? Uhhhhh. . .I think I'll wait for your ok on that one before I proceed. . .

The Smiths said...

My little man does falls to his knees...I guess that is an upgrade from falling on the floor. You are not alone.
Thanks for all your posts..I enjoy reading them!

kanaboke said...

Amen to the Summer Evenings...and I'll be missing the grass when we move to Wyoming in a few weeks..UGH!