Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night, for an enrichment lesson (I guess that's what it would be called), we learned how to "make" Wheat Gluten through the process of grinding, soaking, beating, separating, preparing/cooking and enjoying gluten as a meat substitute!  I was very impressed at the simplicity of making it (time consuming, but "simple" - I mean, I left thinking "I could do that!") and the variety of ways in which to use gluten! Granted, if you or your children are allergic to gluten, another protein substitute will have to be found in times of emergency. Sister Simon made Gluten-meatballs in sweet and sour sauce and let me just say they were DELISH! You could hardly tell it wasn't really meat! Not kidding! I am going to try some recipes using gluten, and I'm excited to learn other ways of using wheat (sprouting, and growing into Wheat Grass to name a few). Do you have any special tricks or tips for using wheat? Please share!

*If your interested in learning more about using your wheat as a meat substitute let me know!



Missy Mauch said...

I wish I could've gone, but going when I was dealing with the flu all day would not have been a good thing! You'll have to show me how to do it!

Leilani G said...

That sounds cool. I'm interested in how you do that. I just grind my wheat and use it for bread and baked goods. FYI White wheat flour can be substituted for all-purpose flour in cookies and such (quick breads, pancakes, waffles, muffins). It has a very light flavor (not at all like red wheat) and adds tons of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, etc. I grind my own, but they sell it in the stores now too. It is almost indistinguishable from AP flour, even in cookies. The only thing is the color is more tan, similar to peanut butter cookies and they are more filling-so you eat fewer in my experience.