Thursday, April 30, 2009

Need/Want a 'Button'?? - A Giveaway!

I'll make you one! I'll even make it easy for you to put it on your blog and have others "take it"! It'll be 150x150px unless you want it a specific size...Sound good?

I will pick THREE Winners, next Friday (the 8th).

For one Entry: Leave me a Comment and let me know what you want it to say, and what colors you want!

For another entry: Follow me! Then leave me a comment letting me know you are following me.

For ANOTHER entry: blog about the giveaway! Then leave a comment with the link to the post! (It doesn't have to be in its own post, just mention it, and let me know!)

Please leave a way to contact you, either an email, or blog link... something - anything!

To see some button's I've made Go HERE!

And The Giveaway Begins!



Missy Mauch said...

Hey! I would like a button that says something fun/cute about my books that I sell. I don't know exactly what to say, but you could go to my website to see what we have to see what you could make. It's!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC.Great blog.

SNM said...

Your blog has taken off by storm. You got yourself quite a following. SO COOL!

Carli said...

You know that I am all about giveaways. haha!

Carli said...

I am a follower too. BTW, you need to leave a separate entry on mine cause I saw you were following. That way it is easier for me to just use thanks!