Saturday, April 18, 2009

My SIL, Our Hairstylist!

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to see "Aunty B". She's the bomb-diggity and one of the very few hairsylists I trust! She IMG00412 freshened up DH and Monkey (both of which have "Scottish Mullets", like the professional soccer players - it's the new faux hawk, for the record!) and she threw in some highlights for me. We didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted to my hair... so I guess I'll just have to (happily!!!!) go back! Anyway, it was fun. The boys were IMG00419surprisingly well behaved (except for Monkey getting into the free dum-dums!!) . I don't even have pictures of the final product (except Monkey's)... but we should be taking our family pictures soon... we'll have to get all primped for that! :) Hopefully we'll have the other highlights done by then! (Yes, I totally took these pictures specifically to blog... I think about you guys all the time!!!)


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